A story of one speakers outrageously BAD focus

A story of one speaker’s’ outrageously BAD focus

Shannon here with an outrageous story for you.

So the other day I was at this woman’s small event, where she’s trying to help people develop a deeper connection in their relationships.

So after she’s done with her presentation, I go up to her and ask her how her business is doing?

And she’s like, “‘My business? Oh my God, I’m so excited.

I’m working on my first book, I just hired a book coach, I have to start this movement, any day I’m going to be booked all over the country on the speaking circuit to promote it”.

Now, the whole time I’m thinking, “Hmm, doesn’t sound like she has any clients..” So then I asked her, “Can I ask you a direct question… how much are you making a month?”

And then she goes on to tell me she DOESN’T make ANY income!

She has a job as a hairdresser and a waitress – she’s working 2 different J.O.B’s with some big vision of changing the world?!

But then…

THEN – she told me two things where I almost dropped to the floor.

I tell her about Big Impact University and how we help Change Agents like her, turn 10 minutes of Stage time into $10,000+… the program we take our high end clients through and help them enjoy $10,000 – $50,000 months – from scratch!

And you know what she says?

“I can’t do it now because I need the money to get a logo and T-SHIRTS!!!  I need T-Shirts in order to create a Movement!”

And I’m like, “What the F*%#?!” You’re spending money on a logo and…T-Shirts?!?

Holding myself back with a world of self-constraint I asked her, “Hmm, how many T-Shirts do you need to sell to make $10,000?”

That made her think and for about a minute, there was dead silence.

It was like she was thinking, “Right, wait – hmmm, that’s a hell of a lot of T-Shirts I need to sell when I can’t afford to even make them…”

And the really sad thing: Unless she’s dialed in on her niche… they won’t even buy the T-shirt.

I love that story – and all too often – that is the sad truth.

Here’s a wonderfully inspired Conscious Entrepreneur, Thought Leader and Speaker – who’s dreaming of creating a movement – and T-Shirts – when she doesn’t have clients or a steady income, working a J.O.B.

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11 thoughts on “A story of one speaker’s’ outrageously BAD focus”

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Thanks Shavannah… yes, learning how to hire, manage and motivate a Rock Star Team is a skill. Mark and I finally have it down to a science but it took years of skilling up in leadership, personal development and communication. One quick tip: make sure you hire the right person, for the right role… meaning, the position you’re putting them in, is actually their GENIUS ZONE… they LOVE it, they’re passionate about and would do it for free if they had to. When you have ALL your team members in THEIR Genius Zone, that’s when you have a ROCK STAR Team who takes ownership of their roles (so you don’t have to micromanage everyone!) Hope that helps girlfriend! 🙂

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    That’s an example of everything you were saying during this awesome weekend Hard to believe how excited we can get without realizing how wasted it is out of sequence. I am at ground zero just catching a tiny whiff of what maybe possible. I would love to climb out of the only money pit I have grown up in now that you have thrown me a rope. Thank you so much Mark and Shannon and the rockstars on stage whose stories and examples were so inspiring to hear.

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    It is amazing how simple things can stop everything. What is slowing me down right now is how to be authentic, while creating strategy sessions. I have just taken a hard hit by not following up on all of my clients. I follow up on some, especially the ones who listen, use, and benefit from our discussions. They are uplifted and lend back their genius by getting well. I have been telling myself that it would not be authentic to just out of the blue asking them to join me in a newly developed program. Yet, I do know that they would love to know about it.
    I think that I made up that I need to have new people to work with.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Yes Gregory, all your clients need to know and hear about what you’re offering, have your team reach out to them to stay engaged and share your latest offering…and you can even get some referrals from friends they know. You’ve got this : )

  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    This is a sad but perfect story. I can relate. I wasted a ton of time, money and focus doing so many things that were totally out of order and not the priority actions needed to make progress. All that spinning of wheels, wastefulness and extreme frustration went out of my life and business when I found Big Impact University. I am so grateful to Mark and Shannon and the Big Impact University community for teaching me what to do when. That is so critical, not to mention the many distractions to which we should never pay any attention.

    Thanks for providing such a clear example.

    P.S. I hope she wakes up – the “speaker” with whom you were talking.

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