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Mark here with a story I’ve only shared once.

And even when I shared it with Shannon that one time, it was hard for me.


A few years ago – even after I quit my corporate job in branding and started my own conscious business (before I met Shannon) – I was spinning my wheels with my niche and I was scared about speaking.  

I thought “I’m not ready yet…”  “I need to find my niche and my brand first”

Yes, I was meant to speak on stages.

Yes, I had a powerful message that I KNEW people needed to hear.

But it wasn’t the message or my purpose that filled me with fear.


It was the “business” part.


I was filled with all kinds of thoughts every single time I got on stage.

If I offer my program they’ll think I’m a slimy salesman.

If I offer a strategy session – they’ll think I just want to sell on the call.

And worst of all – I thought that as soon as I made some kind of offer, that by being “salesy” it would ruin my message.

And what would I offer?  What is my package?  What’s my REAL message?

So gig after gig I walked away with nothing by compliments.

As inspiring as all those compliments were – they weren’t paying the bills.


And I needed to pay the bills.


So after one gig, I came home and said to myself, “I’ll never be a Speaker.”

Because without an income, I couldn’t have an IMPACT.

That was a number of years ago – and of course I kept on going and wouldn’t give up on my dream.

The big breakthrough of course was following my spiritual path and getting a mentor.

That’s what led me to Shannon and starting our business… and the rest is history!

I couldn’t believe it – we made $400,000 in 10 months… SPEAKING!

At Big Impact Live we show you how you could do exactly the same thing by speaking.

For now, I want you to hold onto your dreams.

Don’t give into the fears or frustrations of spinning your wheels.

Miracles manifested in my life because I stayed aligned and committed to my dream.

And I want you to manifest your dreams as a speaker too my friend.

So leave your comment and inspire the Tribe:


“What inspires you to NEVER give into your FEARS?”



In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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5 thoughts on “I’ll NEVER be a SPEAKER”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Very inspiring Mark because I can’t imagine you not speaking and you & Shannon not sharing your gifts, sharing your love with our tribe and to think there could have been a possibility that none of us would have that experience. It almost brings tears to my eyes because the two of you have been so incredibly impactful not only for me, but for so many of our tribe members. For me, I know I’m being called for something, but I don’t have a clear handle on exactly what that is. I feel something brewing, but no clear recollection of it. I do have passion around what I do, but I do not feel it is my life passion. I don’t know if I’ll find my life passion, but I do know somehow I will be a gift to others and I hope to be a light as you and Shannon have been for so many of us. Sending you both lots of love.

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ


    It sounds like your personal drive and a mentor made all the difference. And now together with Shannon it appears sky is the limit. It’s easy if your determined to push pass the resistance. And even easier with help. Thanks for sharing.

    cheers !


  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    What inspires me to NEVER give in to fears is that I KNOW that I have a message to share and with the assistance of you two wonderful people, I KNOW I WILL. I’m a Spiritual Numerologist, but also have other intuitive gifts that I am ready to share with a broad audience. I do appreciate all the positive reinforcement from the two of you and think you are incredible. I’ve never been a person to go for something like this, but you both are authentic, spiritual, warm, honest and trustworthy. Thank you very much.

  4. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    This is encouraging Mark, definitely. Yesterday when I shared with a woman (with whom I did mining for gold and a strategy session) that I have a further goal of speaking to people in cults and harmful religions to help them be aware of their choice to be free, she basically said cults have been done — there’s a glut of people speaking on it. Basically why bother. And when she asked if I had coaching clients in my niche of women in love affairs and I said not yet, she said it seemed like I was getting real with where I’m at. I know that it’s important not to believe naysayers. I know I can speak. I know I can coach. I have done both of these things. Can I get paid abundantly for them? Do people want me for them today? These seem to be the sticking points, and every potential naysayer seems to get in there. In fact a Big Impace classmate said to me in a practice stragegy session (I was being the potential client): “I just wish you could do what it takes to get a better job.” Another naysayer –and a cohort to boot. I am struggling with this now for sure! As i see myself everyday with my Market Tshirt on pushing my gray cart around the store, completely anonymous and invisible. It’s good to know there’s hope!

  5. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    It still seems unreal to me what you and how you did it, and I’m creating a total new life for me so I want to have such possibilities in my life of being able to be this successful in my Human Rights work and as a speaker. Thank you for sharing.

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