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10 reasons to IGNORE your WEBSITE

Mark here with a sword of truth for SPEAKERS who are not earning more than $10,000 a month.

Shannon and I see a lot of talented, heart-centered Speakers who have websites, blogs, article marketing- the works.

When we ask them how their business is doing and how many speaking gigs they’re getting from their site – we often hear a similar response:


So we ask why they have a website if it’s not earning them money.

And, we get a similar response:


Which is what inspired me to write to you today.

Here are 10 reasons why Speakers must IGNORE their websites until they make (at least) $10,000 a month.


  1. All great Speakers started SPEAKING to live audiences
  2. A small group LIVE is 100x more engaged than a small group reading a blog
  3. A “good” conversion rate online is 2%. Speaking LIVE can be over 50%.
  4. Websites cost more of your ENERGY than you think
  5. Working behind a computer screen vs. seeing LIVE beautiful FACES
  6. Checking stats vs. connecting and serving clients
  7. Online you get “likes”, in person you get hugs, “love” and real engagement
  8. Steve Jobs sold Apple computers…from SPEAKING
  9. Tony Robbins sells multiple 5-figure events…from SPEAKING
  10. Our clients made $5.7M last year… without relying on their website

I hope this inspires you to SPEAK to small groups in your own backyard more.

I hope this inspires you to FOCUS on the main reason you started Speaking: to make YOUR Big Impact, in front of live audiences.

Yes, once you’re earning in the multiple 10’s of 1000’s of dollars a month as a speaker, websites can be used to help you “scale”.

But until then, don’t even think of the word “scale”, ok? We’re here for you – and we want to help you stay FOCUSED.

Inspire the hell out of us and let me know:


What fires you up about Speaking in your own backyard?



We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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5 thoughts on “10 reasons to IGNORE your WEBSITE”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ
    Eric Starwalker

    Check out my “StarKnowledge” talk before a live audience on my fb page. Feedback welcome!

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I just did my first speaking gig and it went really well. About 50% of them accepted my free hour “intimate conversation” to see where I can be of assistance. I like your emphasis on face to face and “grassroots” business basics. Very refreshing. I am actually following your template closely, but I want you to know that, without getting sucked into a webland quicksand pond, I am putting up a lovely “fast and dirty” site, using webs.com. It supports video, carts, calendars and is drag and drop turn key simplicity itself. (No I don’t work for them, ha-ha!). ..But with fifteen new pairs of eyes and ears waiting to hear back from me, I wanted to provide them with some eye candy and a calendar. You guys inspired me to write and design my speech in 72 hours after your free webinar. Jessica Hardari will be mentoring me??. But I will follow your advice closely. vat hanks for the blog posts!

  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Speaking publicly has been really difficult for me. I have been pushing through this fear. I have lots of community and audience possibilities but I need to figure out what I want too say and get in front of people.

  4. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Yes. I get that. My blog recently won an award but my bank account is still not showing it. I never thought about blogging and speaking as being linked. I was trying not to focus too much on different things but now I see how it can enhance the business.

  5. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I had been to worried for not having a website since for the moment I have to build it by myself.
    This article clearly shows me that I have to be more outside speaking instead o worrying how to buil that famous site.
    I will do it, but it can wait.
    I’ll focus on speaking and getting gigs, no matter how big my audience could be.
    Great advise.

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