you were born…for THIS

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Shannon here with a vision I had while meditating yesterday.

My vision was all about YOU.

Mark and I had come back from an AM’AAAZING Saturday together.

As soon as I came home, after such a magical day – I had a deep desire to connect to Source.

I walk in our door and tell Mark that I want some alone time to meditate for a few minutes.

Mark says, “Rock on BABE!” – wow, I love that man!

So I dim the lights in our living room, light a candle and tune in.

I tune into the blessings we’ve been given, and my heart just opens.

From Speaking all over the place to making MONEY to having incredible friends to travelling around the world to being married to the love of my life…I just start tearing up.

The raindrops soon turned into a river…and into an ocean.

I couldn’t stop crying.

My few minutes of meditation turned into an oasis of deep emotions.

Soon enough, after feeling this rich world of magic and miracle – I had a vision.

My vision was YOU.

In that moment of deep inner space, I saw you.

I saw your struggle, desires, dreams, pain, history, story and your message.

I specifically saw one clear message that I most wanted to share with you today.

You were created for GREATNESS.

Every struggle you’ve had – is for your own greatness.

Every dream you have – is for your own greatness.

You were born for greatness.

That’s why Mark and I were put here – we’re here to help YOU step into your greatness.

Sharing your message, your story, your vision and manifest your Big Impact.


Know you’re born for greatness – and everything that has happened and will happen to you – is simply for your own greatness.

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What does “Greatness” mean to you?

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