When I Was Absolutely Depressed

When I Was Absolutely Depressed

Shannon here with a story…how I felt absolutely depressed.

It was only a few years ago when I had to close my Detox Spa.

Wow – I thought that was my future.

I had been making solid money and having a lot of fun.

2008 hit and in just a few months had to close my cherished Detox Spa.

The thing though, is that I had been doing all kinds of things for work for a number of years.

With the Spa, I thought I finally “landed” – and would never turn back.

You know that feeling like you’ve finally come home and you settle in and you think everything will just be smooth sailing from now on? That the “hard part” is behind you? That’s exactly how I felt about the Spa.

Then it closed…and so did I.

I fell to pieces went into a deep depression.

We’re all human – and yes, I went through my “dark night of the soul.”

I felt paralyzed… I couldn’t get off the couch… my motivation was GONE.

My friend – as hard as that period in my life was – there was one thing I held onto.

There was one thing I always had in my mind, no matter how horribly dead I felt.

No matter how little possibility I saw in front of me – I always kept one thing in mind:

Source sees a very bright future

I couldn’t see it – but I felt God does.

I felt that no matter how low I feel – there’s a bright future ahead.

Sure, it didn’t make sense – but deep beliefs aren’t supposed to make sense.

I held onto that. As subtle as it was – I held onto it like a lifeline.

And guess what?

It wasn’t that long afterwards that I met Mark, we started Big Impact…and wow, my life soon became that vision I held onto. Pure, total, MAGIC.

I know Source has the same bright vision for YOU.

No matter how low you might feel on your journey to make your Big Impact – know that your future is BRIGHT.

Your Big Impact is NEAR – hold onto that vision and desire and watch miracles begin to unfold for you.

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“What vision do YOU hold onto, no matter what’s going on?”

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