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How your ESSENCE is your MARKETING

“But no one knows who I am…so why would they ever hire me?”

Mark here and that is one of the most painful questions you’re telling yourself.

I know because Shannon and I said that to ourselves when we first started out too.

In fact, one time when we talking about how much to charge for our high-end program, I said to Shannon, “But no one knows who we are or our credibility, why would they ever hire us?”

And then, with quite possibly the best answer to any question I’ve ever asked, Shannon looked at me straight in the eye and warmly said:

“But now they do”

Do you know WHY that answer is so powerful and so true?

Because the hallucination of “no one knows who I am” is not a question your Tribe is asking themselves.

That’s only a question we ask ourselves in a state of fear (and not love).

The only question your Tribe is asking is, “Can you help me?” And they don’t need a ‘wikipedia transformation’ – they need a personal guide to facilitate their transformation – someone they trust, relate to and believe can provide the transformation. Someone who is YOU.

Your Tribe wants YOU.

They’re attracted to your essence – not if they’ve heard of you or not.

Show your essence – and let them know you CAN provide the transformation.

That’s what your Tribe craves the most.


So let us know – what’s YOUR essence you need to share more of with your Tribe?



Let us know in the comments below my friend.

We’re here for you!


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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2 thoughts on “How your ESSENCE is your MARKETING”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I love this post!
    As I am working on my market research learning about my ideal clients, I have this continual voice gnawing away at me saying exactly that: “But no one knows who I am…so why would they ever hire me?”
    My nasty voice also says that the people I am interviewing – who do know me – don’t have any reason to hire me. It’s not that I am confusing research and sales, it’s just that the voice doesn’t shut up! Thanks for your wisdom.

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Love this answer to that question that everyone has but no one talks about 🙂
    Very encouraging thank you.

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