Reconnect To SOURCE

Reconnect To SOURCE

Let’s take a moment and connect to source together with our simple process.

For a minute, we’ll press pause on everything we’re working on, creating and wanting.

In a few breathes, let’s let go, connect and return with a renewed energy and purpose.



Start by pressing pause, life’s natural power button.

Turn your mind off, release your desires, release your fears and simply relax.

In this state, you’re treating yourself how you’re meant to be treated – with kindness, patience, love and respect.

Enjoy this moment of relaxation and pause – for now, it’s exactly where you belong.



That’s all you need right now – is to just feel. Feel the sensitive skin on your face, fingers, arms, legs and toes. Feel how alive you are. Feel the inner sense of joy you feel. Feel the amazing sense of wonder inside of you. Feel the miraculous blessings surrounding you. Feel you.



In this relaxed, grateful and happy state – you’re naturally connected to source.

There’s nothing you have to ‘do’.

Simply connect.

Pray by praising.

Pray by appreciating.

Pray by asking.

Pray by needing.

Pray by wanting.

Pray by dreaming.

Pray by being.



We’re not meant to only be in pause – we’re also meant to be in ‘play’.

It’s now time to slowly return to your ‘play’.

It might serve you to think of your awesome work in the world as ‘play’ instead of work.

And it might serve you to frame your day in frames of ‘pause’ and ‘play’ – returning from one state to another.


The Universe created you with big things in mind.

The Universe tailor made your childhood, experiences, challenges, personality, gifts, desires and vision for you to make your Big Impact in the world.

The Universe is not in a rush – everything is happening exactly as it should be in your life.

In these moments of connection to source, we’re ready again to create our impact.

We’re ready to watch our movement unfold in front of our eyes.

In this empowered state – let us know what action you’re going to take.

How are you going to ‘play’ your big impact into motion?


What is an empowering action you’ll take after reconnecting to Source?


Your comment can ignite a soul to move forward with their big impact in the world, today.

Share your genius below 🙂


In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

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