How Do I Fill My Next Event

How Do I Fill My Next Event?

Planning your own event?


If not, you should be! But most people are afraid to put on their own events for fear no one will show up. But there’s a shockingly easy solution……

Here is one ridiculously simple way to sell out your next event.


Because one of the top questions we get from clients, time and again is, “How Do I Fill My Next Event?”

So let’s say that you wanted 100 people at your event – how do you do that?

Although there are a variety of ways we teach to fill your events (affiliate marketing, client referrals and strategic webinars…) – here is the best way.

Because the biggest challenge for conscious entrepreneurs and speakers is when your mind “dis-serves” you.


So just thinking, “100 people at my event” can stir up a whole range of dis-serving messages:

– I don’t have 100 clients yet

– My last event had under 20, how can I get to 100 so quickly?

– I don’t think I could handle 100 people all at once

The antidote to “dis-serving” thoughts is to create “purpose-serving thoughts”.

Because thoughts like, “My last event had under 20, how can I get to 100 so quickly?” – does NOT serve you or your greater purpose.

Before you learn our very best strategy for guaranteeing 100 people at your next event – let’s give you this “purpose-serving” thought as a mantra:

Make sure you REALLY bring this into your consciousness – because that’s the only way this strategy can serve you:

Here’s your new mantra to fill your events:

“What’s the easiest way to serve the most amount of people?”



Can you feel that shift?

That energetic shift is what will make this strategy work for you fast.

Alright, moving on:

With this mantra as the foundation for your strategy, you know that it’s EASY and can SERVE the most amount of people.

So here is the strategy:

:: Little gigs…..

…..feed into

BIG gigs ::


So here’s how to do that:

Find 10 places to speak over the next 30 days.

In each of those places, have the goal to sign up 10 people to your next event.

Simple math: 10 people from 10 small speaking gigs = 100 people.


YES, you can do this.

Forward this to a friend of yours who’s working to sell out their next event..

And comment below on how you plan to use this to fill up your upcoming event, cool??

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Fill My Next Event?”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Great article! It’s really prompting me to brainstorm and think waaay outside the box!

    One thing I keep running into in finding venues is that I have a spiritual topic for my talk: Angel-Inspired Empowerment: Building Confidence from the Heart

    It’s spiritual but not religious; angels are somewhat mainstream and yet how to find that right venue mix that’s open to spiritual ideas, accessible and supportive and inclusive environment.

    It’s meant to be a relaxed yet interactive tall with short exercises and sharing in partners.

    Still Brainstorming,. any thoughts?

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Hi KT, great question! Your work sounds fantastic. We offer some great training around structuring your signature talk and how to get great speaking gigs and find the right venue, and more on our webinars.
      Like and follow our Mark & Shannon FB Page here to join the next free training. We’d love to see you there and answer your personal Qs.

      Our support team will email you with more support as well. We believe in you!

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