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How To Get HIRED On The Spot

One of the biggest fears we as individuals have isn’t just a fear of failure, but a fear of success.

And whether we know it or not, that fear is what screws with us when we’re put on the spot.

But there’s one big thing you can do to offset that fear…

If right now I put you in front of 100 hungry ideal clients for your life changing service – do you have the 1 thing you need to get hired on the spot?

In today’s post, I’m making this so freaking simple for you that the next time you’re in front of your ideal clients they’ll say YES to working with you without even thinking about it!

Mark here and like most things, I learned the 1 thing I need to get ‘hired on the spot’ the hard way.

And when I tell you what it is, you’re gonna slap yourself for missing it in the first place…

The Mistake That’s Almost Too Painful To Tell You About

Years ago a friend of mine was putting on an event for about 100 people.

One of his speakers canceled at the last minute, and me being his close friend, he asked me if I could fill in for the dropout instead.

…the very next day.

Naturally, I said yes – after all, I had a whole bunch of talks I could give in a moments notice with my eyes closed.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I was busy with a few different things, and to be honest I didn’t really think too much about this event.

I mean, I knew what I was going to say and I showed up on time.

What more could you ask for from a last minute addition.

I was called up to the stage and gave a great talk.

People laughed, cheered, and clapped.

And during the ‘content’ piece you could hear a pin drop

What Happened Next… Shocked Me.

Feeling excited and fulfilled after giving a great talk, I happily walked down the stage towards my seat.

The only problem was that I couldn’t get to my seat.

I was mobbed.

Before taking 4 steps down from the stage, people started saying thank you, what’s your email, can I call you…

I felt like John Lennon at Shea Stadium…

But when it was all over, I realized I made one HUGE mistake:

I didn’t use ANY of those conversations to secure new clients.

And do you know why?

….Because I didn’t know how.

…I didn’t have A SYSTEM.

A System = Getting Hired On The Spot

Years later, I learned the crucial importance of having a ‘Client Attraction SYSTEM’.

With it, Shannon and I get hired on the spot everywhere we go (even when we’re detoxing at a spa or on the hiking trails).

Without it – we’d probably be working for the man in a cubicle 🙁

All kidding aside – having a ‘Client Attraction System’ is the 1 thing you need to get hired on the spot.

So let’s make it as simple as humanly possible so that there you have NO EXCUSE in the world to stop you from implementing your tomorrow TODAY

There are only 3 things you need:

1. The Clear Offer (we spoke about this at length in previous posts)

2. The Micro-Commitment

3. The Follow Through

A ‘Client Attraction System’ is simply how you take someone from being a prospect to becoming a client on the spot.


The most important part of growing your Conscious Business is having a system to turn hot leads into high paying clients. 

What I did NOT have at that event was an irresistible offer.

So when all these beautiful people were coming up to me, it was for a bunch of different reasons – based on what THEY heard in my talk:

One asked for marketing advice, another how to be more present on stage and another how to be more productive (it was part of the talk).

No one could possibly become a client – because there was no clear and concise OFFER.

Now, had there even been a clear offer – what was I going to do?

Write down their name and number? Put their info in my phone?

That just loses the moment. They’re hot for me – I can’t just take their number and call them later – I need to make this happen NOW.

The Power Of A Micro-Commitment

Imagine two scenarios:

1. A client is THRILLED to learn more about what you do and how you can help change their life, and so you write their number in your phone.

2. A client is THRILLED to learn more about what you do and how you can help change their life and you SCHEDULE a 45 minute ‘Strategy Session’ with them in your calendar ON THE SPOT.

(And if you want to be a HOT Rock Star, as soon as you schedule the call, enter their email into an ‘auto-responder’ (free on mailchimp or aweber, that’s right free!) that sends them a confirmation with 5 hot and juicy content pieces to wet their appetite for your appointment.

Now they’re scheduled and wildly anxious for that call)

The appointment is a micro-commitment. This creates a deeper bond than, “I’ll call you after the event”. It means they’re serious.


Dreams stay dreams when they stay in your head. But when Dreams become scheduled they become a reality. 

(FYI – emphasize that this is precious time of yours that you’re giving away to help them at no cost, so you get their commitment.  Cancellations are unacceptable. Period.)

The 3rd part of the System is the ‘Follow Through’ – we’ll go into that in detail in next week’s post.

Do you see how I lost this huge opportunity of getting loads of ideal clients because I didn’t have a SYSTEM?

I didn’t have an offer, didn’t schedule anything of value with them, and DEFINITELY didn’t have a follow-through.

.03 Second Recap

(Yes, you can absolutely do this today)

Remember – this is SIMPLE. All you have to do next time you meet anyone who’s an ideal prospect is:

1. Make a clear offer

2. Schedule a free call to solve their top challenge

3. Follow Through

Can you make a clear offer to help someone in your Tribe? YES

Can you schedule a call? YES

Can you wait for next week to learn the ‘Follow Through’? NO

How To Get HIRED On The Spot – How To Get Hired

Now it’s your turn:

What’s the biggest obstacle you face in turning prospects into high paying awesome clients?

Please comment below and we’ll try to respond to as many comments as we can, personally.

Finally – can you do me a favor?

If this content had an impact on how you think about your life and business – please share this article with a friend or colleague who you KNOW would love to learn about getting hired on the spot.

Thanks – I really appreciate it. You’re helping us help others make the BIG impact they’re called to make in the world.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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