Should you BUILD a Sexy WEBSITE?

Should you BUILD a Sexy WEBSITE

Mark here to answer a question you’ve probably asked yourself on several occasions: should you build a sexy website or spend more time speaking??

To appreciate the answer (and you will) – meet one of our clients…

Brody Boyd, one of our Rock Star clients, told us how he was following one of those online gurus for 2 years….2 YEARS!!!

After going through aforementioned guru’s courses and all that complicated info… guess how much Brody earned?

2 years….$200.




It hurts my soul to hear that!

A brilliant change agent with a transformational message is struggling to make enough money for a cup of coffee?!

It’s wrong – and we’re here to change all that – so you can make your Big Impact in this world, get paid well for your services – and become a true Rock Star.

Ok, so let’s play a little game: What do Martin Luther King, Marianne Williamson, Steve Jobs, & Eckhart Tolle have in common?


Speakers are leaders, and leaders are speakers.

This means that if you’re not speaking, you are leaving behind BUCKETS of money on the table.  

Because all those leaders began their movements – not with sexy websites, facebook ads, webinars, blogging or SEO – all those leaders began their movements with SPEAKING.  

Did you know that Marianne Williamson started speaking to very small groups in her own backyard?  

Steve Jobs spoke at a local college-tech meetup.

And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at his small Church.

Speaking is all you need to start your movement…TODAY.

Speaking is the fastest way to grow your business, make a difference, get a FLOOD of adoring, ideal clients who pay you what you deserve… and ultimately, change the world.

So if you’ve been worried, thinking that the only way to generate high end clients by having some super-complicated online ‘sales funnels’ with SEO, autoresponder series, youtube optimization, facebook ads…

Well, that’s just bullshit.

Yes, there’s time & place for all that – but not until you’re at least earning a consistent $10,000 a month (more on that later).

Think about it – if you’re fussing around with opt-in conversion rates and facebook custom audiences – and you’re not even clear on your core message or your niche – it just won’t work.

Those are all for a specific PHASE of Business.  But you’ve got to be crystal clear about your message and know who you’re marketing TO, in order for your marketing to work.

Share with the Tribe… What Topic Are You MOST Excited to Speak On?  

In your corner and by your side,
Mark & Shannon

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