Have you ever wondered why you’re having an enrollment conversation with a potential client, and you thought, “Why aren’t they saying YES??!?” Mark here, and today I’m going to reveal to you the ‘inner game truth’ why sometimes your Tribe says YES and sometimes, painfully they say NO to your offer.

And it boils down to a deep secret from a Course in Miracles:




A Course in Miracles shows us that we are both student and teacher in the relationships in our lives.

So at any point in time when someone comes into our lives, we have a lot to learn from them, and we can serve them by teaching them.

This is no more evident and powerful than in the enrollment conversation.

The enrollment conversation is an opportunity for you to determine the wants, needs and desires of your ideal client.

To find out what’s holding them back and to give them an opportunity to say yes.

To step into something new and change their lives.

In essence, to create a miracle with them.

Notice I say, “with them” not “for them”.

This is the essence of a holy relationship.

Where we have this beautiful dance of teacher and student.

What often happens in the enrollment conversation is so much of what needs to be healed within us comes up.

So much of our money sh**t comes up – even when we thought we ‘had it under control’.

The secret is that these enrollment conversations are sent as angels to us, showing what we need to heal.

Teaching us what healing we need around money, business and influence.

The more ‘no’s we get, the more painful that feels – the more we’re taught what skills we need to strengthen inside of ourselves.

Because we’re also angels to them.

They’ve come to us with some challenge that we ARE able to help them transcend and transform.

So the more we learn from our angels, the more we’ll turn into angels of incredible healing capacities.

Where through these enrollment conversations, our ultimate purpose is beginning to manifest.

So let me know my friend:


What’s 1 ACTION STEP You Can Take To Hold Your Enrollment As SACRED?


Because when you do, you’ll see powerful transformations in your clients – and inside of you.

Embody this truth, that relationships are assignments, and empower yourself to get more of them this week.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon

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