How to overcome SELF DOUBT & FEAR

How to overcome SELF DOUBT FEAR

It seems as if the programming that we’ve received as children, young adults and even as older adults can keep us stuck in a certain way of being.

It’s our programming that keeps us from speaking on more stages.

And it’s that same programming that runs our blood pressure sky high when we hear ourselves say, “Yes, my program is only $10,000 a month” (did you feel that rush too?)

It can be extremely painful and even agonizing when you see who you need to become to run a thriving business.

You’re challenged with stepping into these new sets of beliefs, behaviors and changing the patterns that run you.

You WANT to feel liberated and free around money, enrollments and making offers – but you’re just not sure HOW.

Mark here, and it’s time we change your programming.

It’s time we change the programming that keeps you and your message stuck.

So take a deep breathe with me, right now….good.

Feel a little more relaxed? Fantastic – because this 4 step process will finally turn your problem based mindset to belief based thinking.

Let’s go…


1. Let Go of ‘Planning’


 The healed mind does not plan.

Yes, we still have to make reservations and accomplish our ‘to-do lists’ – but we cannot focus on them to the extent of limiting greater opportunity from manifesting.

We cannot prevent a miracle from showing up.

The way to do that is to embrace the space of letting go.

Even when you’re in ‘focus mode’ and ‘getting things done’ – embrace an inner space of letting go and allowing any kind of miracle to come your way.

This is the space when you’re suddenly invited to speak on someone’s stage.

Or a client who said now is asking you if there’s still room in your program?

Or if an all expense paid trip shows up out of nowhere.

These are examples of miracles arriving when we get out of our mind.


2. Notice Where a Pattern Begins & Ends


Most people don’t notice when a pattern begins, and they usually see it from the wrong vantage point.

For example – let’s say you have a pattern of beating yourself up.

In truth, the pattern isn’t beating yourself up – because that’s only one aspect of a pattern.

Let’s say that first you get anxious feelings that lead to sabotaging behaviors which then lead to beating up behaviors.

So really the pattern is not the beating-yourself-up part – that’s only where the pattern ends.

This pattern begins with getting the anxious feelings.

Which bring us to the next step.


3. Choose Empowering Beliefs


We all know this, but that doesn’t mean all practice it.

As soon as you notice the beginning of a negative pattern (like feeling anxious) – pause it for a moment.

Because the only reason it continues on a downward spiral (leading to beating yourself up) is because of the meaning you give it.

So now, press pause when you feel anxious, notice it, lean into it and choose to give it an empowering meaning.

So if two potential clients just said no to your offer and you start to feel anxious how you’re going to pay this month’s pile of bills – choose the following empowering beliefs:

  • The more I hear ‘no’, the more I’m learning what I need to improve on to get ‘yesses’
  • I wasn’t meant to serve these clients and will focus on attracting even more ideal clients
  • Every great story starts with a challenge, so this is making my story even greater
  • God loves me, and this is a tailor made gift to help me manifest my Big Impact

Feel into how different you’re feeling NOW, just moments after feeling anxious.

Notice that?

Now it’s time to turn it into high gear:


4. Take 1 Empowered Action With This New Empowered Belief


Now it’s time to FEEL that new empowered belief, in your cells and in your veins – and take 1 action with it.

Who is someone you can call?

Maybe ask for a referral from a current client?

Hire a new coach to help you craft a better message?

Whatever it is – take 1 empowered action.

This way, you take a belief and turn it into an action.

You take your desire and start to manifest it’s potential.

You can change your belief sets.

When you foster the belief that you can change your beliefs with the love of God.

By shifting from a problem based mindset to a miracle based thinking.

Choose your higher self to be consistent in this practice.

Soon enough, you’ll turn every single one of your problems into their own unique miracle.

Isn’t that HOT?!

My friend, if you’re feeling as inspired as I am right now, share it with the Tribe in the comments below:


What Is 1 Challenge You’ll Turn Into a Miracle This Week?


In your corner and by your side,

Mark and Shannon


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