My Embarrassing Failure (and why I get where you’re at)

My Embarrassing Failure

Shannon here with something very important: WE GET YOU… BETTER THAN ANY MENTORS OUT THERE TODAY.

Because we were there too: we went to tons of events, spent 100’s of 1000’s of dollars in seminars, coaching and mentorship.

And we weren’t getting the results.

It sucked.

People kept telling us how brilliant we were but nothing was working.

We sat in the audience at seminar after seminar and networking event after networking event.

Deep down, we knew there had to be a better way but somehow we just couldn’t crack the code.

We were both burnt out, frustrated and BROKE.

We didn’t know how I would pay rent every month… some months, I didn’t know how I’d come up with grocery money.

It was horrible… and I felt like a failure.

We had done all this inner-work and personal development… but we kept asking ourselves:


“Where’s the money?”


Both Mark and I went through this hell (it’s actually something we bonded over on our 1st date!)

Now, it’s important you hear our story – it’s easy to look at our success today and think “oh, it’s easy for them” or “must be nice” but the truth is just a few short years ago we were STRUGGLING!

So if you haven’t heard – when the economy collapsed, it HIT me hard and I lost EVERYTHING… overnight.  

I had a detox spa for 4 years and it was really successful right out of the gate, making over $250,000 in the first year alone.

I had a team of 14 employees and was known as “The Detox Diva”.

I even had a bunch of info products and had made a name for myself as a Community Leader.

We were on track to crack 7 figures and then… 2008 happened.

I lost 80% of my business overnight.

People weren’t coming in for facials and body wraps when they were worried about losing their homes.

There was a ton of overhead, a big fat lease, payroll and my own mortgage to meet every month…finally, I had to make a tough decision:

I decided to close my business.

It was devastating.

I was embarrassed and felt like a failure.

I lost my home, I had to file Bankruptcy.

I went into a deep depression and isolated myself.

I couldn’t get off the couch.

I felt like a failure.

When I looked at what WAS working, it was SPEAKING.

Everytime I’d get a small speaking gig in my own backyard, I’d attract a flood of clients all at once.

So I knew the power of speaking.

I decided to throw myself into the Seminar Industry and learn everything I could get my hands on, when it came to events and speaking.

I started producing multi-speaker events.. I had the privilege of working closely and sharing the stage with the top speakers in the industry: Mark Victor Hansen, Lisa Sasevich, Loral Langemeier, Marcia Weider, Max Simon and Bill Rancic from Donald Trump’s Apprentice.


Like You, I Needed a Model I Resonated With


But secretly, I didn’t like the multi-speaker model.

Behind the scenes it lacked integrity and I wasn’t making anywhere near the money the speakers were.  

It was a cattle call of “sell, sell, sell” and it lacked authentic connection and spiritual meaning which I was craving.  

We weren’t really making the bigger difference and helping people.

They’d buy a bunch of shit that would sit on their shelf (“Shelf help” as I call it)

Here I was promoting other people, working my ass off – helping them make a lot of money – but deep down, I wasn’t fulfilled and didn’t believe in myself.

I was DONE.

I settled and took a couple contracting jobs that didn’t utilize my skills and passions.

I was underpaid and under-appreciated.

Late paychecks, inaccurate commissions, back taxes.

Life was a bitch.

Not having the creative license or decision power, I became even more frustrated.

But yet, I knew I had something deeper inside of me.

A deeper purpose, that wouldn’t let me give up.

I realized I needed to unleash my real calling and regain my power.

So I focused on my spiritual practice, developed a strong inner game, hired a mentor and made a promise to myself to not believe in anything that will limit me.

Not in relationships, not with money, not in business. and soon enough – I attracted my amazing man!

You know what they say? When the student’s ready – well, Mark and I were READY.

Ready for a purposeful, deep relationship and to start a business that was designed to have a Big Impact on the hearts of people…. one that could be successful… and FAST!

And that’s just what we did:

Mark and I had our first date on New Year’s Eve 2013.

We quickly fell in love and knew we had found “the one.” We started our business 3 months later.

Fast forward 10 months and we had already generated $400,000.

We’re all in this Tribe together.. to make the world a better place.

My friend, I’m going to invite you to be vulnerable today… I absolutely KNOW that people in the Tribe will be inspired by YOUR story.

Please share in the comments below and I’ll personally respond…


What Is YOUR Story of Failure?  How Will You Use It To Propel You Forward and Make a BIG Impact?


We’re all in this Tribe together.

I was vulnerable to inspire you to look a little deeper and would LOVE to hear YOUR story in the comments.

I absolutely KNOW that people in the Tribe will be inspired by YOUR story 😉


In your corner & by your side,


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