Creating your SPIRITUAL Practice

Creating your SPIRITUAL Practice

Mark here, and I get it – you’re busy trying to get clients, getting your message out there and you need to make money now.

You KNOW you should be a bit more relaxed – but there’s just no time to be centered when you need to pay your car payment or rent, right?

NO – and YOU know that belief isn’t serving you (or helping you attract more clients!)  What you can’t figure out is how to get back to your daily practice when you need to get so much done.

So pay close attention to every word you’re about to read:

All you need to feel more relaxed, centered and connected is a 7 minute ritual.

I’ll give you a highlight of what Shannon and I do – no matter what – every single day.

The secret is taking control as SOON as you wake up.

This is what we do, it’s hot, simple and totally connects us to our source:


It’s so simple and it’s what we most need after sleeping: water.

We drink a half liter AS SOON as we wake up.

You can’t feel sexy when your body is thirsty and dehydrated.

We carry a liter water bottle with us everywhere we go and drink at least 3 of those babies per day!


The quickest way to feel HOT and connected to your body is by doing a few simple stretches.

Shannon and I just started doing a simple stretching routine together at night, before we go to bed… it’s helping us sleep better and of course be more flexible too!


First thing in the morning, when it’s still and quiet… your spirit is ready for some 1:1 time.

Close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths and imagine your entire body feeling completely calm and relaxed.

In that connected moment of your calm silence, choose 5 things to be insanely grateful for.

Slowly emerge and notice how God awesome you feel.

Now go use THAT energy to rock and roll – because you will.

Comment below how you’ll commit to YOUR daily spiritual practice this week?

In your corner and by your side,

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