Wet & Wild In BALI!


OMG! You HAVE to check this out. I can’t believe it myself…but…Mark and I just got back from a WET & WILD trip to Thailand and Bali.



There was even a morning when Mark and I were on this beach.

It was 10am, the sand was white, water clear as the sky and I promise we didn’t have any drinks yet (that started at 11 ; )

This is one of the big joys of having a thriving conscious speaking business.

YUMMY exotic trips! If it weren’t for speaking, we would NOT be able to do this.

We’ve both been wanting to go to Thailand & Bali for OVER 10 YEARS.. and thanks to our Speak Your path To Cash System that was downloaded to us from Source, we’re able to travel to the most amazing places… we feel SO grateful : )

Wet & Wild in Bali - www.markandshannonlive.com

I wanted to tell you about this for a very important reason.

Mark and I are no different than YOU.. we know you have hopes and dreams and fears, just like us.

You have a desire to make a bigger difference and make the world a better place.

You CAN have the life of your dreams.. it is possible!

My friends – there’s a better way.

You CAN have it all (like going wet and wild in Bali!).

All you need is our Speak Your Path to Cash System.

If you’d like personal guidance how to “Speak YOUR Path to Cash” – If you’d like, we’re happy to offer you a complimentary “Speaker Breakthrough” Session.

Just email support@bigimpactlive.com and we’ll get you the support you need.  


Time for some fun…

Let me know the 1 place you MOST want to travel to and WHY?


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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