Speaking & broke? So was I…

Speaking broke

When we have new clients sign up for Big Impact University they always say, “Wow, how did you master the enrollment conversation so well? You only started 2 years ago!”

Mark here – and yes, thankfully Shannon and I started from scratch and within our first 10 months generated over $400,000. But I admit – there’s more to the story than you see.

Because we didn’t exactly ‘start’ 2 years ago.

Both Shannon and I had been speaking for years, decades even.

Which is why we understand what you’re going through so clearly.

Do you know how many times I spoke to a massive audience in a large conference with tons of people coming up to me afterwards telling me how powerful my talk was?  Giving me all kinds of compliments, only to get ZERO new clients from it…for YEARS?!

I can’t tell you how many ‘rockin talks I gave that changed peoples lives over the years…only to go home with a lot of good feelings and an empty bank account.


What gives?


I kept at it and eventually with my Queen Shannon – the “Speak Your Path To Cash SYSTEM”  was downloaded to us- which changed everything.

That SYSTEM is how we generated $400K in 10 months and now run a multi-million dollar Conscious Business (holy sh*t, I can’t believe it myself!)

This is why Shannon and I GET YOU and know what you struggle with (on a minute to minute basis – we’ve been there my friend).

That’s also why we’ve helped our clients generate insane results in such a short time span as well.

speaking - www.markandshannonlive.com

speaking - www.markandshannonlive.com

I wanted to be open with you and let you know that Shannon and I weren’t exactly an instant success.

It took us decades to develop our now proven, plug and play System.

I guess it’s like they say – a 10 year overnight success, right?

Be open with me in the comments and let me know:


How would your life be different if you generated 6+ Figures by Speaking?


If you’d like, we’re happy to offer you a complimentary “Speaker Breakthrough” Session. Just email support@bigimpactlive.com and we’ll get you the support you need.  

(*If you’re already a Big Impact University Client, just ask how we can help you during our next Big Impact Support call).


We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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