The Power of GRATITUDE (heartfelt share)

The Power of GRATITUDE

Mark here with a heartfelt memory and a whole lot of GRATITUDE I’d like to share with you.

There we were — my Dad and I — gazing at a full moon shining on Kachemak Bay near our home in Homer, Alaska.

We’d been cross country skiing and the view was incredible, with the snow glittering like crystals before us.

It’s one of our favorite memories together.

We’re all busy as BUSINESS OWNERS but it’s important to SLOW DOWN sometimes and just be thankful for our many blessings, including the people nearest and dearest to us.

Gratitude is such a powerful practice.

It keeps things REAL and adds depth to who you are ONSTAGE.

We stand on others’ shoulders, and one of the giants in my life has been my father, Russ Grainger, who taught me the value of taking pride in the things I do.

Dad taught me that the measure of a man is in your word, not in your braun.

He taught me how to chop wood & start a fire, how to stand on my head & how to fold a hospital corner.

He showed me the importance of safety & the joy of riding motorcycles.

He also showed me how to be a gentleman & to see the beauty within each woman.

And he picked a beautiful woman to marry — my Mother, Linda Grainger.

Both of them have taught me so much.

Their shining example probably helped me find the love of my life, Shannon.

Shannon and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in the late spring, and Mom and Dad celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on Father’s Day this year.

I’m blessed to have such great parents who showed me it takes TEAMWORK to make your dreams work.

Inspire the Tribe with your heartfelt thanks and let us know,

Who SUPPORTS your DREAM and Who Are You GRATEFUL For?

In your corner & by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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