Wait, Steve Jobs…Is a Conscious SPEAKER?

Steve Jobs

Mark here with an insight to rock your world today.

When most people think of Steve Jobs, they think iPhone, changing the world, big tech company, massive success, India, LSD and the Mac.

Obviously – all that is true.

But the Big Impact that Steve Jobs manifested started with and continued because of ONE strategy he used.

Apple began when Steve Jobs spoke at a local college-tech Meetup.

Yes, a small Meetup (read that one more time).

And how did Steve Jobs continue to build his momentum and Big Impact?


He spoke on stage, year after year after year.

That was his big secret.

All the momentum of his movement to inspire creativity happened through speaking.

The headlines on magazines, newspapers, TV and eventually Hollywood – all came through Steve Jobs’ talks on stages.

So if there’s one thing you’re going to do this week – I BEG YOU, for the sake of YOUR Big Impact – just focus on SPEAKING on small stages. That’s it.

Look how our Big Impact University students have started to generate HOT results…just by speaking!


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.14.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.15.11 PM

…and you can too my friend!

So let me know in the comments below:


“What Is 1 Local Event or Meetup You Can Speak At THIS Month?”



We believe in you,


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