Only 9 People Showed Up To Her Meetup…But Then!

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Shannon here to help you overcome your #1 biggest “Speaking Worry”.

After helping 1000’s of Conscious Speakers just like you – Mark and I know that if you’re not yet making $10,000 a month – this worry can be overwhelming and causing debilitating fear.  


“But what if only a few people show up?!”


Which is why I want to introduce you to one of our Big Impact University students, meet Robin Treasure.

Before Robin’s Meetup, she told us that only a few people signed up – and it was driving her nuts.

What if only a few people show up? How can I “Rock My Talk” to less than 10 people?!

Listen closely to what you’re about to read, because it will open your mind to the deep power of speaking (and why it’s the absolute fastest way to grow your conscious business).

Speaking is the most powerful way to attract high paying clients.

It is the only way for your Tribe to see YOU in your power.

An email? A blog post? An article? A Facebook post? Even a video – they are all non-human interactions.

And for your Tribe to fully experience YOU – they need to be at your rocking talk.

Back to Robin.

Yes, only 9 people showed up to her talk. BUT – because they showed up to her Signature Talk – 7 signed up for her strategy sessions!

7…out of 9! Only speaking can deliver those kind of HOT and JUICY results.


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Now, tell me in the comments below:

What will YOU speak about THIS WEEK?



You can do it! We believe in you,

Mark & Shannon

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