Monetize Your Message – 3 WAYS MONEY Really Does FALL FROM TREES

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It’s true, money falls from trees – we promise. But only if you have this kind of profit bearing tree: The OAK Tree.

The only way you can change people’s lives and make the BIG difference in the world you’re craving to make is when you’re making money. …and lots of it.

Did that just alert some butterflies inside of you?

GOOD. Today’s hot and steamy new post is going to show you a very simple path to cash.

Because money is a low-hanging fruit when you have an OAK Tree.


Our Struggle With Money 


Mark & I tried lots of ways to grow businesses in the past.

And we continued to struggle. Seeing our colleagues and friends “make it”, wanting things we couldn’t afford, and dreaming of a day where we could do what we love while making great money.

That day came when we found an OAK Tree.

We know you’re here to make a big difference in the world and share your wisdom.

But your message will never manifest until you’re earning solid income.

Which is why we’d like to share the OAK Tree Formula with you right now.


The Oak Tree Formula To Never Ending Cash – And How To Monetize Your Message


OAK stands for:







The next time you’re at a networking event, speaking, interviewing, blogging, teaching or training in any kind of way – give an 0 = Offer.

An irresistible offer is when your prospect thinks to themselves, “I’d have to be crazy not to do this right now”.

The reason why most Conscious Business Owners are struggling is because they’re not talking about money.

** BIG IMPACT SHAREABLE: Conscious Business Owners create wealth and abundance when they have abundant ‘money conversations’ with prospects to become clients. **

Not giving OFFERS that lead to a money conversation.

So let’s say you’re speaking at event with 17 people that’s going great.

Here’s how you can finish your brilliant talk:


“Before I let you go and implement the [Title of your talk, benefit of your talk] to [get result your tribe is after] – here’s a way you can [get the result] much quicker.

I’m offering a FREE 45 minute ‘[result your tribe is after] Strategy Session’.

During this 45 minute call you’ll get/learn:

– Result/Benefit A

– Result/Benefit B

– Result/Benefit C

I can only offer this to the first 10 people who come up to me after this talk. And just so you know, tons of people who have had this free ‘[Result] Strategy Session’ have told me that this call alone has changed their life/business.

I’ll be available right there [pick a spot in the room] in a minute, so if you’d like to get/learn [Core Result your tribe is after] without any [pain they’re trying to avoid] this week – just come up to me before the spots fill up.”

3 Reasons That Offer Is Irresistible


That is an irresistible offer for 3 reasons:

1. It solves the problem they need solved with a high value offer (45 minute call with you- The Expert)

2. It’s free (i.e no risk)

3. There’s urgency (10 spots only in a room of 17).

…IRRESISTIBLY HOT! They’re kicking themselves not to sign up… Why does this work?

Because the people who came to that event came to achieve a certain result (or to find a solution to pain they’re in).

So you know they’re hungry for your transformational work – and now you just gave them an irresistible way to solve it.

Here’s the next part of the OAK Tree formula:

A – Ascension


At the end of your 45 minute talk, offer an ‘ASCENSION’ transformative package for high value and price (between $197 and $497 is mid-range, $1997-$9,997+ is high-range). The package should include these 8 elements:


  1. A Hot Title
  2. Timeline (4-8 weeks long)
  3. Modules (Each Benefits/Results)
  4. Social Proof (How this has helped others)
  5. How it specifically solves your tribe’s problems
  6. Price
  7. Risk Reversal (explain how NOT taking action is costing them)
  8. Urgency (why to do it NOW)

Here’s how this can truly help you make a difference in the world: These people have come to your talk, have signed up for a call and have therefore raised their hand saying, “I Want Your Help!”

This Ascension package is a higher level than the call (hence ‘Ascension’) and shows so much value they can’t say no.

Now you’re changing lives and making money – YES YES Oh Baby!

Time for the 3rd and final step:


K – Kash


When you make your offer when you’re speaking (or networking or blogging etc.) – people will run to sign up when they FEEL the transformation vibrating in your bones.

When you say the price in your Ascension offer, they’ll be excited to pay when they feel the transformation rushing through your veins.

To do so, you need to equate MONEY with MESSAGE.

You’re here to share your message with a Tribe full of your ideal clients – but you’ll only be leading that Tribe if you’re making money.




When you name your price and you feel a bit nervous saying, “and it’s only $2,997” – then you haven’t equated money with message.

But when you name your price with the same presence, calm and passion as when you share your message – your Tribe will sign up like bees to honey.

So yes, Money does fall from trees – if you have an OAK tree.

OFFER – make it irresistible

ASCENSION – use the 8 elements you just learned

KASH – money= message Are you ready to put this to action?


You can do this, we believe in you! And today’s post is everything you need to sign up a client right now!

Comment below how you’re progressing or any questions you have about the OAK formula.

We wanted to give you a low-hanging fruit to make the big impact you’re called to make in this world NOW.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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