How SELF DOUBT Cost Me 1024x683 min

Shannon here with some words of wisdom about mastering your inner game.

Have you noticed how time flies and what a difference a few years makes? (Thank Goddess!)

I’m saying that because I recently took a turn down Memory Lane, back to a networking event I attended years ago.

And I was shocked to realize that at the time, I’d actually landed on my niche!

Yes, the same one Mark and I are ROCKING today — helping SPEAKERS get more Speaking Gigs.

Can you believe it? I had that hot number in my hands. But guess what? I just let it go.

I’m not kidding.

I dabbled with it and then DROPPED that gold mine like a hot potato.

Why? Because I let SELF DOUBT get the best of me.

I bought into my own limiting beliefs and stories of lack instead of possibility.

And as a result I wasted precious time and money wandering around “looking for my niche.”

When I already landed on it!

But that’s nothing, because here’s the REALLY embarrassing part: I had to go to hell and back — I mean total life upheaval and breakdown, losing my house and filing for bankruptcy before I “woke up” to my calling and claimed my purpose.

Isn’t it ironic? I held the answer to my prayers in the palm of my hand, but I didn’t grab it and run with it.

And it took me 6 long years to get back to it. Ergh… PAIN-FUL!

It’s true, your niche is a bitch.

But YOU don’t HAVE to wait for a 2 x 4 to hit you in the head to land on yours.

Trust me… been there, done that! I wouldn’t recommend it.

And that’s why Mark and I are so passionate about helping SPEAKERS like you find your Tribe and your calling — so you don’t waste precious time and energy spinning your wheels like I did.

If you haven’t landed on YOUR Niche yet, share with us…

How has your NICHE been a BITCH?!

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