Speaker Blueprint: The Storyteller


The Voice of Possibility

As “The Storyteller” you have the power to hold an audience “spellbound” and create powerful mic drop moments. Using the power of words, cadence and tonality you take your audience for a journey, evoking the power of imagination and reminding them of what’s possible for themselves.

You’re a visionary and inspire people to believe in the extraordinary. You love the power of metaphor and use story as your primary way of imprinting your audience with important ideas and concepts you want them to remember. Your audience leaves feeling encouraged, getting them to believe in their dreams again.


Famous Examples

Lisa Nichols, Les Brown


Play To Your Strengths

“The Storyteller” is excellent at commanding attention. You’re creative, fun, visionary, imaginative, playful and stylish. When you’re in the flow (usually on stage), it’s as if something bigger is speaking through you. Thinking outside the box to bring these qualities short-form of speaking i.e social media as well as online speaking stages like Zoom will elevate your message and leave people wanting more.


Recommendations For You

Because “The Storyteller” often feels deprived, trapped, or limited by circumstance, you may often find yourself “in the clouds,” daydreaming about stimulating worlds of possibility and joy. In order to avoid emotional pain, “The Storyteller” can have a need to “fill oneself up” with ideas, variety and fantasy.

Having a team that keeps you grounded and organizing the details is essential to your success. Be sure to have a right-hand Executive Assistant/ Chief of Staff who helps you document, categorize and organize your ideas, so you can stay out of the details and in your genius zone.

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