We Have a Weird Fetish

We Have a Weird Fetish e1552009274819 min

We have a confession…. we have a weird fetish for helping our clients succeed.

We can’t help it… we dance around the house like a couple of little kids on too much sugar when our clients make money!

We jump for joy when our clients get results.

Nothing makes us happier to see them rockin their enrollment conversations and getting speaking gigs!

Here’s just a few of the amazing people we’re supporting….

  • Ben & Jen Rode do deep healing work with women. Before they started working with us, they were struggling to pay the bills and Jen was thinking about getting a J.O.B. We helped them create a step by step plan to attract high paying clients and last month, they hit over $34,000!(this is where we shake our booties)
  • Christy Ann Olivares had her 1st speaking gig ever and got 11 new enrollment conversations… all from 1 speaking gig. She was amazed at how easy (and fun) it was!(now we’re shakin our money makers!)
  • Mai Vu is a relationship coach who was frustrated and felt like she was spinning her wheels. We helped her breakthrough her money ceiling and get clear about her ideal clients. Within 3 weeks, she made $12,000 and last month she made over $22,000. She texted us from the hair salon as she was getting pampered and said “Thank you Mark & Shannon, I feel like such a Queen! It feels great to know I’m transforming so many women’s lives.”(now we’re break dancing)
  • Ling Tseng is a Feng Shui expert and made $15,000 in her first 3 weeks. She has 6 months of speaking gigs lined up and is fired up!(we’re dirty dancing now, oh yeah baby!)

Collectively our Tribe has generated over $385,000 in the last 3 months and best of all, this money represents the transformation and healing in the world.

More lives are being transformed… more women are getting healing… more couples are reconnecting… more kids have happier homes.

Just dance!

Mark & Shannon

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