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Speaker Blueprint: The Professor

The Professor

The Voice of Logic

As “The Professor” you love to teach. Comfortable at a podium using facts, statistics and graphs you instill action based on evidence. As a veracious reader or writer, you often are able to affirm your arguments by recollecting relevant data on a whim.

You love seeing the “aha” moments you’re able to create for your audience. You most likely have an advanced academic degree (or two!) and tons of certifications, trainings, etc. This positions you powerfully to your audience as a proven authority and credibility.

Famous Examples

Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson

Play To Your Strengths

“The Professor” is highly educated and excellent at deconstructing systems and putting them back together even better – in fact, that’s when you’re in the flow. You love to tinker with your content and elevate its impact through continuous improvement. “The Professor” who is successful will see the greatest result when learning to delegate everything except the creative process itself will not only allow your message to travel far and wide, it will open you to the greatest joys of life.

Recommendations For You

Being the voice of logic means “The Professor” can have a tendency to value content over the experience.. be careful not to overload your audience with too many facts, figures and content dump. Weave in more stories to your presentation to activate the imagination, heart and right brain of your audience.

What To Do Next

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