Speaker Blueprint: The Performer


The Voice of Emotion

As “The Performer” you love to use your charisma to make your audience FEEL. Whether your art is humor, dance, music, theater or another form of creative expression, being on stage is where you feel the most alive.

Your personal magnetism and the way you present yourself is of great value to your audience. You like to entertain and intuitively use communication tools like vocal variety, body language and stage anchoring to heighten the experience and emotions of your audience.


Famous Examples

Ellen Degeneres, Jim Carry, Misty Copeland


Play To Your Strengths

“The Performer” is on a constant quest of unleashing your full self expression. You seek to carve out an identity for yourself and use your natural charisma to magnify your brand. You could easily 10x your movement, when you’re the face of the brand. Stepping into the spotlight is where you’re meant to be and that’s where others love to see you.


Recommendations For You

Being the voice of emotion means “The Performer” can have a tendency to be overpowering or always feel like they have to be “ON.” As a kid, you may have been the class clown or gotten in trouble for acting out or had difficulty focusing on your school work.

As a Speaker this can be your greatest strength, just make sure you surround yourself with a team that excels at logistics, data and system creation so you can be in your genius zone, which will exponentially explode your personal brand and joy of life.

When you’re too busy and have no room for flow, you can be hard on yourself. This stifles your creativity and your zest for life, which can mean you’re ready for the show… but nobody is in the seats.

Live events, performances and retreats where you can intentionally create the emotional experience for your audience is where you shine.

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