Speaker Blueprint: The Orator

The Voice of Hope

As “The Orator” you’re called to inspire hope in your audience with the power of your words. You love the use of language to creatively make your point. As a wordsmith, you study the nuances of communication, bringing in powerful yet subtle communication like tonality & intentional gestures.

And your favorite – using a provocative cadence that lulls the room into a connected unity. Your energy is intoxicating and evokes optimism for a brighter tomorrow. You may be a poet, spoken word performer, author/ writer or pastor/ minister (if you aren’t, consider bringing in some of those elements into your next speech!)


Famous Examples

Martin Luther King Jr, Maya Angelou, Amanda Gorman, Michael Beckwith


Play To Your Strengths

Your greatest superpower as “The Orator” is deliberate intention. Quality, excellence and precision are important to you. This is the backbone of your success and is directly related to the value you create in the marketplace. Learning to delegate everything except the creative process itself will not only allow your message to travel far and wide, it will open you to the greatest joys of life for you.


Recommendations For You

Being the voice of hope means “The Orator” can have a tendency to go inward & may even get lost in information gathering and too many details.  You’re desire for excellence & perfection can be an Achielle’s heel so just remember CONNECTION with your audeince matters more than anything else.  You don’t have to be perfect to be powerful.  

You may be more of an introvert and a bit of a book worm.  Make sure to give yourself enough alone time to recharge so you stay inspired & in the flow and keep your creative juices flowing.

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