Speaker Blueprint: The Motivator


The Voice of Inspiration

As “The Motivator” you bring the PARTY! You’re called to delight and inspire. You love owning the room so you can use the power of group dynamics to create an experience. On stage, you’re confident, powerful and full of optimism and certainty. Your energy is infectious, evokes emotion and lights a fire in people’s Soul.


Famous Examples

Rachel Hollis, Tony Robbins


Play To Your Strengths

“The Motivator” loves to inspire and impact your audience. You’re a natural connector and promoter, full of charisma and likeability. You message motivates people into action and therefore you will often be remembered as someone pivotal in their lives. You excel at leading people and work best focused on the big picture with a team to carry out your vision.


Recommendations For You

“The Motivator” likes to be the STAR of the show. Nothing wrong with that, in fact you do it well.. just remember to SHINE that light on others and share the spotlight.

“The Motivator” can appear as inauthentic as they dislike being perceived as struggling, failing or incompetent. Today’s audiences value authenticity and desire a “guide by their side” instead of a “guru on the mountain.”

Learning to effectively express your struggles, failures and hardships will endear you to your audience while allowing you to transfer the wisdom of those failures as lessons your audience can use. Your impact will be even more profound when you learn to take your audience on an emotional journey – from highs to lows to highs again.

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