Speaker Blueprint: The Activist


The Voice of Change

As “The Activist” you’re called to create change. This might be political change… corporate change… or societal change. While you may or may not be leading a political rally – you’re deeply concerned about raising awareness on the injustices you see in the world.

It’s not about the glitz and glamour for you but rather righting the wrongs and giving voice to people who have often been discriminated, marginalized, and disenfranchised. You’re not afraid to ruffle some feathers to change the system if it’s the fair, right and just thing to do.


Famous Examples

Gloria Steinam, Jane Fonda, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Greta Thunberg


Play To Your Strengths

“The Activist” is deeply driven by righting the wrongs of the world far more than profits. In a world where social, economic and political systems are antiquated, your message as an Activist is needed now more than ever. You will be most persuasive and influential with your movement when you use your abilities to build connection, instill confidence & facilitate interaction with your audience.


Recommendations For You

Sometimes you can lose the “forest from the trees” and get lost in all the details. “The Activist” needs clear direction and a supportive team to help remind them of their biggest priorities.

You care so much about creating change that you can often lose sight on how to monetize your message. Rather than “marketing” your services, sharing your passion for a CAUSE you care deeply about. We call this “Caused Based Marketing” and it’s the best way for you to make a bigger difference AND make money with your movement.

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