How Oprah Reached The Masses – How To Reach The Masses

How Oprah Reached The Masses

One of the biggest challenges the Big Soul of our Tribe faces is:

“I have so much to share– I need to reach more people”

That’s a challenge because of what follows directly after it:

“…so how do I do that?”


A frustrating reality for Visionaries like yourself could be that “only” 15 people show up at your workshop – when you envision 1,500, 15,000 or more…

So here is some wisdom that can really help you with this challenge.


When you understand that ONE person, ONE soul is an entire world – everything changes.


When you see ONE person – and you help that ONE person with your brilliant message, you changed the world. 

Think about it:


Not even Oprah has the entire world in her weekly viewership!

She has millions – but not hundreds of millions or Billions…


And she might even think: I need to reach the masses!

So if Oprah has this challenge – we’re in good hands 🙂


The point being, the “world” doesn’t exist en-masse – it exists in ONE PERSON.


And that ONE person who is helped will tell others about you.

And if they don’t, your Karma will.


So remember, to reach the masses – just focus on ONE person, and you’ll be changing the world every single day.

Be awesome and start by sending this blog to ONE person you know would who would gain a ton from it.

Comment below what your big take-away was – the whole tribe would LOVE to hear from YOU.


In your corner and by your side,


Mark & Shannon

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