Enroll more clients with this 1 line

Enroll more clients with this 1 line 1024x683 min

Mark here and I am jittery about what I’m about to share with you.

Only because I know how hard it is for the Tribe to make this deeply needed shift.

And until you do, signing up clients will keep on feeling painful and heavy (instead of fun and awesome).

I know – because it took me years to do it. YEARS!


You’re a Conscious Business Owner, so I know you know this – but it still helps to be reminded of this truth.

Because we operate on so many levels as conscious beings – we’re often operating in certain patterns without even noticing it.

And one of them is speaking to be liked.




This is a HUGE challenge for our Tribe.

Because you’re SO talented with an array of gifts and a big-hearted, world-changing message, you get on stage and subconsciously think this thought (and no, it’s NOT serving you):

“I hope they like me”

The reason this unconscious thought is costing you clients is because clients don’t hire someone because they LIKE them.

Clients hire you because they believe you’ll deliver a transformation and solve a specific problem for them.

That requires a different energy.

So the next time you’re in an enrollment conversation or on stage – and the feeling to be liked arises – use this one line:

“Can I be direct with you?”

And then, be direct about what they need to achieve the transformation they’re hungry for.

When you say a line like, “Can I be direct with you?” – you immediately shift YOUR energy to one of authority – regardless of being liked or not.

Now you’re right – being liked is PART of the puzzle.

If someone doesn’t like you at all – of course they’re not going to hire you.

But we know that already, right?

Because our Tribe is a conscious Tribe – you’re here to SERVE and you’re 1000% likeable.

What you need to shift, and what our entire Tribe needs to shift – so they enroll MORE clients with WAY more ease and fun – is by being DIRECT, in authority mode.

So let Shannon and I know in the comments below:


How Will You Shift From ‘Being Liked’ To Being Respected?


Comment below with your juicy answer to inspire the hell out of our divinely awesome Tribe 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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