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you were born…for THIS

Shannon here with a vision I had while meditating yesterday.

My vision was all about YOU.

Mark and I had come back from an AM’AAAZING Saturday together.

As soon as I came home, after such a magical day – I had a deep desire to connect to Source.

I walk in our door and tell Mark that I want some alone time to meditate for a few minutes.

Mark says, “Rock on BABE!” – wow, I love that man!

So I dim the lights in our living room, light a candle and tune in.

I tune into the blessings we’ve been given, and my heart just opens.

From Speaking all over the place to making MONEY to having incredible friends to travelling around the world to being married to the love of my life…I just start tearing up.

The raindrops soon turned into a river…and into an ocean.

I couldn’t stop crying.

My few minutes of meditation turned into an oasis of deep emotions.

Soon enough, after feeling this rich world of magic and miracle – I had a vision.

My vision was YOU.

In that moment of deep inner space, I saw you.

I saw your struggle, desires, dreams, pain, history, story and your message.

I specifically saw one clear message that I most wanted to share with you today.

You were created for GREATNESS.

Every struggle you’ve had – is for your own greatness.

Every dream you have – is for your own greatness.

You were born for greatness.

That’s why Mark and I were put here – we’re here to help YOU step into your greatness.

Sharing your message, your story, your vision and manifest your Big Impact.


Know you’re born for greatness – and everything that has happened and will happen to you – is simply for your own greatness.

Comment below and inspire the Tribe:


What does “Greatness” mean to you?

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38 thoughts on “you were born…for THIS”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Greatness to me means to love and care for my miracle son. He was born prematurely at 26 weeks and weighed 1, 01 kil. He has Cystic Fibrosis and Cerebral Palsy, but you will never hear him complain. He is a beautiful, kind and gracious young man with a smile to melt your heart!. He studies diligently to achieve a B A Degree. He and plays good chess, knows the value of life with a remarkable sense of humour. This is greatness

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Greatness to me means speaking to the Greatness in others.. Extoll their virtues in good times and bad times. Seeing the beauty in all people and things. Sharing that beauty with out restriction.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Beautiful Gregory… love you my friend! YOU are GREATNESS.. you are a Rock Star… you are a Spiritual Warrior 🙂

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Yes Roxanne! Living on purpose, fulfilling your calling, and knowing you’re doing what you’re meant to do on this planet. woo hoo!

  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Greatness to me expounded:

    Greatness to me is when our “contents” (who we are) and our “package” designed to contain our being (what we are) line up to deliver what was intended to be delivered through our being (what we do).

    Greatness simplified:

    Greatness is to me is stringing together “who we are” and “what we are” to deliver “what we do!”

  4. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I love this Shannon! I had a similar mediation a few months ago. I felt LOVE in the most profound way imaginable. Tears rolled down my face, I walked through my imperfect home and loved what I saw – who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m headed reflected in my environment. I felt so at home in my self. It was clear as clear can be that I’m on this planet to guide with my Interior Mapping. And guess what?! You said “Take a leap every day”. I am doing that. Every day I do something that takes me out of my comfort zone. It is the most beautiful feeling to step out of my shell, be visible, magnetize clients, make a difference with LOVE (and talent and vision : ) Thank you Mark & Shannon & Big Impact ??

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Awesome Caroline, love you lady! So beautiful and profound… keep doing your work in the world, you’re a light of joy and inspiration everywhere you go!

  5. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    LOVE this message, Shannon, thank you! Exactly what I needed to hear right now. Sending you and Mark so much love!

  6. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ
    Marylea Toher

    Greatness is remaining in the love that we are so that who we are being brings out the greatness in others. Being in our Greatness lends the opportunity to empower others through each and every encounter–shining my light allows them to shine brightly as well and with ease and gratitude all around.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Well said Marylea… your Greatness inspires others to step into who they’re called to be, gives everyone around you permission to shine their light and make a BIG Impact!

  7. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Greatness is being able to share my G-d given gift with the world. Helping others find their greatness in their own special gifts.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      We say the word GOD here Lisa.. lol. I totally get it hon, I was raised in a strict Catholic family and had a lot of healing to do with my relationship with God. When mark & I started dating, we started to pray 2/ day… it’s changed EVERYTHING! The Big Impact tribe welcomes all forms of expression.. God, Source, Universe, Mother Nature, Goddess, etc… whatever you’re version of the Higher Power and all that is… mwahhh!

  8. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Greatness is different things to different people. For some, it’s just Being , Meditating , Healing and Creating a Harmonious Space. Yet, in time and for Others, it involves Creating Something New like a new Vision, Artwork or Text.
    Yet for Others, Greatness is channelling the Greatness of Source and sharing it with as many people as possible. It’s all good. The key is to take time for Yourself, Re-Connect with your Inner Greatness and keep your Inner Child Alive and Happy, share your Vulnerabilty, shine your Energy where it will do good, inspire Others to find Greatness,Beauty, Love and Harmony.Love Life Loud and Clear.

  9. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    To me greatness means living to your fullest potential, making mistakes but learning from them and always moving forward; never giving up no matter how dark your days become. It’s also the ability to look inside yourself for the answers, and not outside yourself for love, guidance or reassurance….being able to know what is right and best for your highest good.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Beautiful Tarryn… it’s not how much you fall, it’s how fast you get up, right? The ability to go inward and seek the answers… SO true!

  10. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Greatness to me is remembering everyday with every transaction the 7th Generation; and it is impact. As I continue to working towards my calling as a Chaplain to work with homeless single moms; how helping them and there children impacts this world and there grandchildren. It would be great if the 7th generation said because my work there family had a new path. Besides this I am working to start a foundation and build a shelter with 300 -400 apartments to house homeless families.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Awesome Jason… I love that, remembering everyday is having an impact on 7 generations… now that’s a BIG Impact!

  11. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ
    Gillian Douglas

    Greatness is activating the flow unique to each by allowing evwry sense to pass through our heart thus prayer & action flow as love. This heals P.A.I.N. by finding one’s Passion, taking Action, being Inspired and Networking with others. As such we step into our Magnificence & transform ourselves, living authentically, on purpose & with inner peace and outer abundance. We are not one Mind. We are each hearts imbued with eternal love.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Beautiful Gillian… love you’re acronym for P.A.I.N… you should be a Speaker and share that message from stage 😉

  12. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    To me, greatness means being exactly what I am and knowing that that is how Creator made me, and that is enough. To love myself fully completely and unabashedly, to live life fully out, celebrating the unique expression of the Divine that I am this time around….and bringing that love and joy out in others. To not be afraid to be me, no matter what that looks like in the moment.

  13. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Great people make a profound contribution to their society that fundamentally changes thought and culture. Our responses to difficult situations requires us to meet these challenges head on and to grow in wisdom and humility. This can often lead to great compassion for others and a desire to heal and lift up others. It takes reservoirs of courage and resilience, as well as the ability to adapt and grow. This can be a kind of greatness and the world needs more of it. However, words that are thrown around too casually and used to broadly can be diluted of their power and meaning. True greatness in the individual most often transcends the ordinary struggle to overcome obstacles and to share in wisdom received. It is wonderful, but greatness is much more than this rather prosaic definition here. Truly great individuals change societies in dramatic and lasting ways and they are rare individuals. Please respect words and don’t cheapen them. Thus speaks the professional writer.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      I agree Leslie… WORDS are powerful. They carry weight. They become REALITY. Keep your message and your LIGHT rockin!

  14. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    This question brings Bucky to mind. He is a great exemplar of what it means to be great. Asking his own question, “If one person could change the world what would that one person do and who would that person be,” he pulled himself out of despair, put one foot in front of another, and deciding to become a living experiment in finding that answer, not knowing what he would discover. And in so doing, he changed the world. I feel great hope remembering this, and it helps me keep my commitment for growing myself, for having empathic curiosity about what’s around the next corner. No matter how close or far that corner is, there will always be the next one. To know that whatever ways I can make a difference, whether small, I am a part of something greater than me.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Awesome Michael Anne.. LOVE it! Just keep putting one foot in front to of the other… and eventually, you change the world!

  15. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ
    Carolyn Grace Millet

    I believe our greatness is in us when we are born. It is up to up to take the journey to discover how great our greatness really is. Thank you Mark and Shannon for providing a safe and fun container for the journey.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Yayy Carolyn Grace! Well said.. yes, our purpose on this planet is to fulfill on the greatness we were all born with, right?! And you’re SO welcome… it’s our pleasure and joy to create a container of safety, joy and fun!

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