Why Your NICHE Feels Like a Bitch

Why Your NICHE Feels Like a Bitch

Mark here with some insight about why your NICHE is such a bitch… and what you can do about it.

Your niche is serving a specific group people with a specific problem.

Why is it so is important to land on your niche and serve the people you’re really called to serve?

Because when you do, everything about your business starts to make sense.

Simple right?

Well for me (and many other Visionaries) my niche was such a bitch..

I wrestled with it for 7 YEARS! I had 11 different iterations… including a website and funnel to go with each one.

It was overwhelming and of course, I wasn’t attracting clients.

You know the drill. You go to training after training, and you’re still struggling.

You have some kind of flabby niche, but as you engage with clients, you start to make distinctions, and then you start tweaking.

And pretty soon you’re tweaking constantly.

You run your latest tweak by your other business friends who haven’t landed on their niche either.

And they’re like, “Yeah, great! Go for it!”

Is that a great idea?

Don’t bother answering.

WE KNOW! It’s like the blind leading the blind — round and round the merry-go-round.

Once you go down that road, you make so many distinctions that you “distinct” yourself right out of effectiveness.

And that SUCKS!

So we want to show you how to make the RIGHT distinctions.

The kind that get you crystal clear on your business so you stop spinning your wheels.

Ready to get off the merry-go-round?

Shout it out right here:

Tell Us Your “Niche is a Bitch” Story and Where You Need Support With Your Niche.

In your corner & by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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11 thoughts on “Why Your NICHE Feels Like a Bitch”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    My niche is a bitch because I call it everything but what it is. It is PAMPERING! I love to PAMPER stressed-out women and they love to be PAMPERED! There you have it!

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    You’re an amazing pamper goddess Lakshmi! Would love to see you at Meetup or Big Impact Live in person, and support you more. We love you xoxo

  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    My niche is a clever lil’ bitch, which collaboratively can’t help but constantly switch! Say that 10 times fast! haha That’s what you get when you mix a portion of Chakra Energy Healing, the fundamentals of supportive groups such as AA/NA, then fill in the rest with an endless supply of Inspiration, Motivation and Personal Empowerment ~ the perfect ingredients that form my “bitch of a niche”, ShockRaw Therapy (The Rehab You’ll Become Addicted To!) ;~)

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Ha, clever Karen! : ) It’s a classic tongue-tied conundrum. I see you’re scheduled to come to big impact live, it’ll be great to see you there and help you narrow down your Niche to bring your more clients like bee’s to honey!

  4. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Now that I have landed on my niche – I work with filmmakers to create films that change the world AND make money – thanks to you two, I sleep soundly, and don’t ever have to worry about a thing. I notice that when conscious entrepreneurs haven’t solidly landed on their niche, that they are muddled and confusing to be around. So glad I don’t have to go through that any more! And many thanks!

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Way to go Joanne, what a testament to YOU and using the curriculum to knock it out of the park. We’re so proud of you! Yay for sleeping soundly : )

  5. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Hahahaha! People have suggested that I chose a niche based on the ways I have helped the most clients, or on what people come to me for the most (ie friends who want my support). Guess what? My hypnotherapy and aromatherapy success stories include: weight loss, smoking cessation (including marijuana), resolving relationship issues, relief from pain, injury and trauma, and releasing limiting beliefs and behaviors. Oh, and helping women gain more joy and levity through Laughter Yoga. And among all of the clients I have worked with, there is not one single age group or income bracket or whatever to help narrow my niche.

    I have stated that I work with women in their 40s and up who take care of others and neglect themselves, including women entrepreneurs, and yet my current clients still come from a wider range of backgrounds and needs. I just go with the flow and work with those who show up and say yes!

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      You’ll want to narrow your gateway Niche Quadira, haha! We can help. Sorry you had to miss the last Big Impact Live, we support you more and clarify Niche at the training. Come to Nov 17-19, grab your ticket soon for the $97 special. Email support@bigimpactlive.com for any Qs. And yes you can help others who show up that need support but we want your Niche and marketing more narrow to become the expert in that field. Come to the coaching calls with any other support, we’re here for you!

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