When I Was Absolutely Depressed

When I Was Absolutely Depressed

Shannon here with a story…how I felt absolutely depressed.

It was only a few years ago when I had to close my Detox Spa.

Wow – I thought that was my future.

I had been making solid money and having a lot of fun.

2008 hit and in just a few months had to close my cherished Detox Spa.

The thing though, is that I had been doing all kinds of things for work for a number of years.

With the Spa, I thought I finally “landed” – and would never turn back.

You know that feeling like you’ve finally come home and you settle in and you think everything will just be smooth sailing from now on? That the “hard part” is behind you? That’s exactly how I felt about the Spa.

Then it closed…and so did I.

I fell to pieces went into a deep depression.

We’re all human – and yes, I went through my “dark night of the soul.”

I felt paralyzed… I couldn’t get off the couch… my motivation was GONE.

My friend – as hard as that period in my life was – there was one thing I held onto.

There was one thing I always had in my mind, no matter how horribly dead I felt.

No matter how little possibility I saw in front of me – I always kept one thing in mind:

Source sees a very bright future

I couldn’t see it – but I felt God does.

I felt that no matter how low I feel – there’s a bright future ahead.

Sure, it didn’t make sense – but deep beliefs aren’t supposed to make sense.

I held onto that. As subtle as it was – I held onto it like a lifeline.

And guess what?

It wasn’t that long afterwards that I met Mark, we started Big Impact…and wow, my life soon became that vision I held onto. Pure, total, MAGIC.

I know Source has the same bright vision for YOU.

No matter how low you might feel on your journey to make your Big Impact – know that your future is BRIGHT.

Your Big Impact is NEAR – hold onto that vision and desire and watch miracles begin to unfold for you.

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“What vision do YOU hold onto, no matter what’s going on?”

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5 thoughts on “When I Was Absolutely Depressed”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    Yeah, I know how you felt..after years of working hard, hustling , renovating, I came to the realization that this system , run by a Cabbal of Bankers is broken. It has room for Slaves and Drones and Human Doings….I am tired of ”monetizing ” every breath I take. So now, I just paint and maybe one day, somebody will either burn or expôse my paintings. Does the world need another Painting? I don’t know. We need to fix the System first. Many people have lost all motivation to do anything. After 2007-2008, the Banksters foreclosed on 10 of my houses. The Corrupt City is about to foreclose on my last Duplex because I owe them $2500 in Back Taxes. Will we have Detroit all over America? I have travelled throughout the USA and I have seen emerging industries based on Poverty and Desolation (Mini-storage, Pawn shops, Flea Markets, Auctioneers, Real Estate Flippers). I don’t want to be part of this System. Also, I have noticed that most people don’t engage and are like sleep walking.I better stop . Don’t get me started…lol

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Andre- sounds like you’ve been through hell… what’s your VISION now? If you could wave a magic wand, what do you want? And how was the Universe shaping you to become the Messenger… a Change Agent to change the system?

      1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

        My Vision is that the Universe is Abundant but some Gatekeepersbuilt a wall around the Orchard…lol. I have shed 96.666% of my Bitterness..Get Better, not Bitter….GreateSocial justice remains my ”chantier”..my work-in-progress…Inner work helps us cope with the Injustice but McMindfulness alone, strictly based on feeling good, will not make this World a Juster, kinder place.

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    That LOVE is the dominant force in the Universe. That I am constantly evolving, growing and expanding. That I can find a good feeling thought no matter where I am, and that good-feeling thought can expand into more good-feeling thoughts. That I can walk around with a really moving feeling of deep Appreciation. The kind of deep Appreciation that you really feel from the INside and it pulses outward. It is as if my Inner BEing, my BELOVed has wrapped it arms around me in a big embrace of Well~BEing.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Beautiful Dawud… LOVE it! We have the choice everyday to come from FEAR of LOVE, right? The more good feeling thoughts we can have, the more GOOD we attract into our world. Sending YOU much love! 🙂

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