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Public Speaking For Profit – Double Your Income

The energy is ELECTRIC!

You’re sitting front and center… just 8 and half feet from a Rock Star Speaker.

She’s confident… she’s charismatic… and she’s full of wisdom.

You feel such a connection with her and her words take you on a journey… as if time stands still.

You find yourself swept away… into a world of possibilities.

That’s a Rock Star Speaker’s job – to sweep the audience away from the mundane, everyday, predictable thoughts that keep them in a stale world of “sameness” and into an engaging world of electrifying possibilities.

A World of Possibilities

Public speaking is the fastest way to grow your business and make a bigger difference. Through public speaking you can…

  • Quickly add a 6 – Figure plus revenue stream to any business
  • Fill your seminars and events with ease and flow
  • Engage and inspire your followers
  • Attract a flood of qualified leads… all at once
  • Position yourself as a leader and authority
  • Change minds, influence decisions and create a movement

And best of all, you don’t need to be extroverted, charismatic or funny.

In today’s world of public speaking… you just have to authentically be you!

In some industries… what’s possible for one may not be possible for another… but when it comes to public speaking all you need is a desire to become the speaker you’ve been dreaming about for years and a duplicatable and repeatable system that shows you how to do it.

Speaking is still one of the highest paid professions in the world, but you need a system to that allows you to monetize your message and grow your business.

In this article you’re going to discover a speaking system that won’t just “boost business” but will allow you to double your monthly income while making a huge impact upon the world.

In addition, you’ll gain clarity about the necessary short and long term action steps you need to take to be a bonafide “Rock Star Speaker”. how to be a public speaker

Where Are All the Rock Star Speakers? The Rock Stars of tomorrow, like you, don’t wear sunglasses at night or have a Fender Strat on their hip… they have a VOICE with a powerful message of change attached to it.

They’re professional speakers in the making and their message pulls at them constantly as if it’s part of the Universal impulse and collective consciousness that’s hard at work to right a world gone wrong.

Brilliant Speakers, Experts, Politicians and Entrepreneurs are feeling this pull to speak.

They feel the call to make a difference with their words…

They feel the call to turn their tragedies into messages of triumph…

They feel the call to share their hard learned life lessons as solutions that elevate us all…

They feel the call to share their journey through pain and inspire our world with more joy, laughter and love.

The energy of Socrates, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs and dozens of others lives on in voices just like yours.

All one must do is listen… and you can hear the urging of legendary change agents and legacy makers calling you to the stage…

“SPEAK, SPEAK, SPEAK!” And yet… your struggle continues, as you search to find a way to get paid well for your gifts.  

You might wonder if public speaking is a feasible source of income in this gadget-obsessed, ultra-connected world.

Can you actually get people to look away from their phones and toward your beaming face?

The answer is yes, absolutely! Our genetic constitution is “Tribal” and therefore we crave authentic connection and sharing.

Deep in our soul, we long to see real human beings, relate to their experiences and take in their stories.  

Fireside story telling and spellbinding tales is how our “Elders” passed on their wisdom.

The challenge is that most…  especially the most gifted and brilliant… sit alone in the darkness… with only the blue glimmer of a computer monitor to guide your way.

Lost in a world of “digital marketing” you hammer away on your keyboard day in and day out… attempting to build marketing funnels and lead magnets of automation.

First an optin page, then a thank you page, a full autoresponder email sequence, facebook ads, facebook live videos, SEO and keyword research.

Then its an opt in video, thank you video or the massive undertaking of a Jeff Walker launch of 3 content videos and a “pitch”.

All of this… in pursuit of what? Fame? Fortune? Financial Independence?

FACT: Automation doesn’t exist.

And yet, it remains an elusive dream of a distant future always just out of reach.

Where you effortlessly attract a global audience and generate unlimited fame and income… all made possible through a gentle nudge of that commanding first domino.

If only it were that simple.

The moment you decided to master, or even dabble with internet marketing, you stepped out of your “genius zone” and into a steep and often painful learning curve.

Let’s face it, most of us were not gifted with the Steve Jobs technology gene.

And so the predictable struggles with the dream of automation and all the “spinning your wheels” bullshit that comes with it continue as you look into a future of cyberspace toxicity and overwhelm.

Let’s say you are gifted with that elusive “technology gene” and your digital footprint is massive.

The internet is so cluttered with videos, ads and viral what-have-you’s that any attempt to continue breaking through only becomes a losing battle.

At the very least, it’s a time-consuming and money-sucking use of your valuable time.

For many of you, this dream has become a nightmare… and you’re ready to wake up.

Internet marketing gurus will continue to peddle the “easy button” of automation to the masses… weaving a spell that entrances you to keep going.

And the calling within you is so strong you respond with fervor and tenacity…

“This is the missing link… this time it’ll happen for me.”

So the Rock Star Speaker within sits in waiting… while you slowly come to the realization that “there must be a better way.” 

Only thing is now you’re demoralized, depressed and no longer lit up.

How could you be… the seeds of inspiration lie in waiting while you keep “getting ready to get ready.”

Small Speaking Gigs in Your Own Backyard is the Answer

What if the answer were as simple as ditching technology and “speaking your path to cash?”

What if stepping into your genius zone and sharing your message on stage allowed you the joy of making a bigger impact while getting paid well for your services and expertise?

Perhaps you ARE ready… or already answering this call and you’re trying to get booked as a speaker.

Keynote speaking is where most people think to start… believing that big stages result in big paydays.

This is where most messengers start.

Yet, there are at least 5 different revenue models associated with the business of speaking.

And it doesn’t matter your experience or line of work or how extroverted or introverted you might be.

We can all stand on a stage and share career lessons and life experiences in entertaining and unique ways.

It’s in your DNA, you’re wired to make a big impact.

Full and authentic self expression is the currency that captures and holds people’s attention.

So you must start asking, “How will I uniquely express the wisdom that lies within me? What will be my speaking style?

Will you be edgy or conservative? Motivational or practical? Scholarly or funny?

The options available to you are endless and is why investing in your ability to communicate your message is so critical… the marketplace simply values and embraces authentic self expression over sizzle and hype.

The 5 Revenue Models of Speaking

Keynote The Keynote speech is typically what one imagines when thinking of becoming a professional speaker.

A keynote speech is a paid speaking gig usually at political or corporate conventions as well as at academic conferences, and is delivered to set or reinforce the underlying tone of the event.

Keynote speakers like Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey get paid $100,000+ because of their celebrity and cache.

Most beginning speakers may struggle to break into this “good ole boys” club taking several months to land a single gig that pays you $2500, if you’re lucky.

The keynote model – while powerful at impacting the corporate and political sector is somewhat an antiquated model when it comes to monetization.

The number of speakers vying for these speaking gigs is increasing everyday and even if you’re able to get representation from a speaker agency, they represent dozens of additional speakers with more experience.

Bottom line… a long road to consistent revenue and a slippery slope to getting paid what you’re worth.

Thought Leader / Lecturer To get hired as a Lecture Speaker, you must create a solid and recognized platform of intellectual property and thought leadership.

Books, in-depth research, advanced education and years of experience have established people like Marianne Williamson, Dr. Amen, Dr. Wayne Dyer as experts who speak.

This notoriety and following substantiates their large speaking fees as they are able to consistently draw a crowd.

This is the ultimate speaking model because one’s authority also establishes their legacy and impact as they evolve their body of work.

With each book you write… you automatically have a series of lectures that reinforce book sales.

This is very much like a Rock Star Musician model.

With the release of each album, the band goes on tour to engage current fans with new content while attracting new fans that vibe with their content.

This model of speaking allows you to command very large speaking fees in excess of $25K and you’re constantly in demand.

Only thing – it can take years to establish your body of work and just because you create great content doesn’t mean it resonates with the masses. Bottom line… a lot of content creation and a long road to consistent and potentially very large revenues.

Speak to Sell Speak to sell is a free talk designed to sell products and programs to a group of people all at once.

The skill consists of persuading an audience to invest from $2000 – $5000 in usually at 60-90 min persuasive presentation.

The profitability of this model to both speakers and promoters (who generally split the sales 50-50) caused a wave of multi-speaker events all over the world.

Eventually, this model became antiquated as seminar and event attendees struggled to find value in sales pitch after sales pitch.

This however, doesn’t preclude the value of this revenue model for those who can deliver an authentic and valuable education at their own private events and retreats.

Doing so can result in a multi six or even seven figure event… in just a weekend. When done right and with integrity, it’s a remarkable way to leverage enrollment from 1:1 to 1 to many, often resulting in a weekend profit larger than most annual incomes.

This model requires a high skill level that teeters on the edge of mastery so be prepared to make a significant investment of time (years) and money (six figures) to acquire these valuable skills. Signature Talk Marketing To remedy the overplayed dynamic (and often toxic nature of) the speak to sell model, we created “Signature Talk Marketing”. “Signature Talk Marketing” is a free talk designed to solve a specific problem of your audience while positioning your value and expertise.

The purpose and design of this speaking model is to offer a free gift in the form of an enrollment conversation or strategy session.

This has become the “go to” model for attracting a flood of qualified sales leads all at once. By design, the “Signature Talk Marketing” model can provide all the qualified leads you need each month from just one or two speaking gigs. (see the example below – video).

This basically obliterates a long sales cycle and creates lean in… moving qualified prospects to the front of the line where they are eager to buy.

Using this speaking revenue model, the Big Impact Tribe consisting of 364 members as of the publishing of this article have generated over $16 Million in their own perspective businesses and its growing weekly.

With each speaking gig, Big Impact Tribe members are able generate a flood of enrollment conversations all at once and then convert these conversations into high paying clients investing anywhere from $2000 – $15,000 on a consistent and regular basis.

TedTalk We’ve all grown to love, respect and appreciate a good TEDTalk. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading innovation and ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and encompasses just about all topics from science to business to global issues.

Probably the most famous talk of all time is Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a dream” speech.

With over one million people in attendance at the Lincoln Memorial and millions more watching on their black and white televisions, his words carried the voltage to change race relations forever.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

On that day, Martin Luther King changed the world with his message of equality and hope.

It was a talk that lasted only 17 minutes and 28 seconds.

Isn’t it interesting that the short form TED Talk is only 18 minutes.

While not confirmed, I believe that TED Talks are designed as an homage to this great orator that used the power of his voice to spread ideas and inspire change in just 18 short minutes.

TED Talk speakers are not financially compensated, but the power they have to position you as thought leader is unparalleled. 

From Anne Cuddy’s riveting talk on body language to Brene Brown’s engaging talk on vulnerability, TED launches undiscovered experts into the mainstream consciousness – and you can monetize big as a result.

The Speaking Monetization Sequence We just laid out for you the 5 Revenue Models of Speaking and within each are nuances that require education, patience and skill acquisition.

Once you start to get these systems dialed in, the numbers become predictable (and exciting).

You’ll know how many enrollment conversations you’ll attract based on the audience demographic and size.

From there, you’ll know your conversion percentage of these calls.

Typically our students are able to convert 50% of an audience into a phone conversation.

And 30% of those conversations become paying clients… and the revenue begins to quickly add up! Just be mindful that trying to do all of these at once as well as the plethora of other tasks on your growing to do list will only lead to overwhelm, burnout and simply more “Spinning Your Wheels”. 

Rock Star Speakers must master the power of focus as a prerequisite to Rocking Your Talk.

With that in mind, when it comes to the business of speaking we are big believers in the power of sequencing your efforts.

There is so much to learn, remember and coordinate when running a business that too often we see truly brilliant people “spin their wheels” in overwhelm and confusion.

Below we’ve organized the 5 Speaking Revenue Models so you have a clear and precise step-by-step model that allows you to consistently generate revenue as you build you business.

Whether you’re currently building a speaking business or are simply smart enough to use speaking to add an additional six figure revenue stream to your current business, the following model will support you in monetizing your message effectively.

The 5 Speaking Revenue Models

Public Speaking For Profit – Double Your Income

This model allows you to build a robust platform of customized content & raving fan followers… making money, gaining popularity & impacting lives as you grow your business and expand your intellectual property.

By simply adding the next revenue model in the sequence as you evolve as a speaker and entrepreneur, you lay the foundation of a true thought leader.

This is the fastest way to increase your value and earn more with your expertise than you ever thought possible as a speaker.

The key is to get started with “Signature Talk Marketing” so that you can replace your endless hours of prospecting and looking for clients with small speaking gigs in your own backyard.

In your own home town is low hanging fruit where 10s of 1000s of dollars await you to simply Rock Your Talk.

Remember to reframe your concept of public speaking.

You don’t need to be on stage at large conventions or packed stadiums.

In fact, below is a graphic illustrating the 12 different types of speaking gigs both online and offline that are ideal for the “Signature Talk Marketing” system.

Public Speaking For Profit – Double Your Income

YOU – A Sought After Speaker

In the speaking world, results can happen very quickly – almost overnight.

In fact, using Signature Talk Marketing we made over $400K in our first 10 months of business… without a website or business card.

How sexy is that! One must stay in action, learning and refining your efforts… and the next thing you know, you’ll have a series of speaking gigs all lined up.

And as a Rock Star Speaker – you’ll know your numbers and exactly how to structure your speech to get lean in.

In the end, speaking is simple, empowering and fun.

The learning curve is minimal, and you’ll be hooked in no time.

Not to mention, this model gives you a consistent and healthy stream of revenue.

In less than a year, your speeches could earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And, as your reputation grows it’ll lead to gigs that are more and more profitable.

So ditch that laptop and smartphone — for a little while, anyway — and turn your eyeballs away from those mind-numbing social media pages.

In their place, “speak your path to cash” and let your words electrify your audiences.

Witness yourself commanding the stage as a Rock Star Speaker that audiences can feel… let your Star Power come to life… and paint for them, the world of possibilities you see.  

Your business will never be the same again.

Your life won’t be, either. And who knows… you just might find yourself at home and living on purpose.

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