How to ROCK your TALK

How to ROCK your TALK

Let me know if this sounds way too familiar:

“I’m so excited to spread my message to change thousands of lives around the world….but how do I structure my talk so people are engaged, love it and want to hire me?”

Shannon here and this is a question we get asked at just about every event we’ve ever spoken at.

And it makes sense – I mean, how DO you structure your talk so people love you and your message, listen attentively to every word and come running up to you saying “I want to hire you!”

Because Mark and I are on this earth to serve YOU so you’re spreading your message making the BIG IMPACT you’re called to make while earning the kind of money you always dreamt of – we’re giving you our prized possession:

In today’s HOT new Big Impact article, we’re giving you our 8-Step WINNING Formula we’ve used to grow our business from $0 to over $400,000 in just 10 months.

This is the ticket that simply gets results… while feeling truly aligned with your message.


1. Specific Problem

Talking ‘about’ your topic will leave audiences yawning.

But when you talk directly and specifically to your Tribe’s most pressing Problem, their hearts are wide open.

2. Define Desired Solution

The problem alone is only half the equation – you want to define the desired Solution your Tribe is after.

These first two elements of SPECIFIC Problem and DEFINED Solution are your keys to unlock the treasure chest of a wildly successful talk.

3. Show Results You’ve gotten

Now that your Tribe is listening, you have to prove you’re a Trusted Authority worth paying close attention to.

The way to become a Trusted Authority where you even become like a celebrity – is by showing the results you’ve gotten.

Don’t be humble now, that won’t serve your mission or your Tribe.

4. Tell Your Story from Struggle to Solution

This is crucial.

By being open and honest about your journey from your own struggle to discovering the solution that changed your life – your Tribe now feels the deep BOND.

If you’ve gone through what you’ve gone through, they now feel that whatever you present is FOR THEM.

5. Deliver Solution as Content

Again, your content has to be structured as benefit-driven and solution-oriented.

A great way is also by using a Framework.

If you’re an Energy Healer it could be, “The 3 Ways To Start Feeling 20 Years YOUNG Again” or if you’re a Relationship Coach, it could be “5 Keys To Enjoy More Love, Connection & Intimacy With Your Partner”.

Your Tribe is focused on the Framework of 3 and the benefit it gives them so they’re waiting from the beginning to get this transformative content.

6. Clarify Biggest Mistakes

What are common mistakes your Tribe makes?

By defining that, they’ll continue to feel aligned with you, as if you’re reading their mind.

Meaning, they’re becoming more and more open to your ultimate program and service.

7. Reveal Biggest Myth

What’s a big myth people have?

In the Big Impact Tribe for example, a Big Myth is that you need a fancy website and a big email list to start making $10,000 a month (which is simply not true).

8. Give Offer & Call To Action

You can’t get hired without giving a way to be hired.

Make your offer specific, time-limited, benefit-oriented and the action they need to take to get it.

Yes, that’s it.

Your action right now is to spend 10 minutes writing the quick outline for your winning talk – do this NOW, it will give you inspired momentum my friend.

Leave a comment… which part of this Winning Formula was missing in your previous talk?

What step are you most excited to use in your upcoming talk?

Comment below, the Tribe will grow through what you share.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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6 thoughts on “How to ROCK your TALK”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I see the value of market research and strategy sessions gives us the benefit of having the material to talk to the Tribe, and why you are speaking and what you can promise and deliver, and More! This is super great.

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    You got it Peggy! And you’re gonna love the Big Impact Speaker training this month, all about your signature talk and how to give value and be REAL on stage. It’s soooo much fun. See you soon.

  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ
    Margret Child

    Hi Mark + Shannon,
    Thank you for some very helpful hints on this page.
    However the 2nd link in this sentence:
    (We wrote two detailed blog posts how to make a HOT offer to get hired on the spot. So check out this(the 1st link) and this(the 2nd link) to go deeper on step 8.)
    Took me here:
    Where I got a 404 error message! (in Firefox and also Chrome)

    Can you have someone check into this and let me know what the correct link would be?
    Thanks for you generosity in sharing all of this with us.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Thanks Margaret, tech support has removed the error link, it’ll be available in a future post. Let us know what additional support you need next in your biz and for your speaking. We’re in your corner and by you side.

  4. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    This is brilliant! I love the crystal clarity in the way this winning formula is succinctly laid out in 8 steps.

    The only thing missing on my end is practice, practice, practice and just getting out there and doing it. When I have given my talk, even when I have not been at the top of my game, good things have happened.

    I am making a commitment to do 2 talks per month or more for the balance of this year.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      LOVE this committment Jeff, post on the FB group how it’s going. We’ll dial it in for you at the training too, you’ll be on fire and know how to rock your talks even more. We believe in you brother.

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