Do you want your EVENTS to be EASY?

Do you want your EVENTS to be EASY

Mark here with a simple strategy to make your next Meetup or small event WAY easier.

If you’ve even had a few people at your event and wished someone could play music, take business cards, give out champagne (you never know) or answer questions for people leaving early – here’s a HOT strategy that’s so simple it’s almost beautiful:

Ask a friend to come and help out.

Having one or two friends at your event to help out with even the smallest detail

can take off a ton of pressure off you. It can not only free you up – but help ensure everything gets taken care of.

You can ask a friend to make a video on their camera or even their iPhone.

Even to shoot small videos that you can use on your Meetup page.

You can also ask your friend to just take photos.

These can be used in your Speaker 1 Sheet or even in an email signature.

So people SEE you as a Speaker.

Or let’s say that 8 people came to your event and at the end you’re answering personal questions.

And there’s a line.

Someone wants to leave early, but didn’t get your email or how to schedule a strategy session or how to refer one of their friends to you.

Your friend can lend you a helping hand.  

And if you’re thinking that it’ll be too much, or they’re too busy – then just answer this.

If a good friend of yours asked YOU to help out – what would you say?

You’d absolutely make time and say an enthusiastic YES!

What else do you need support with when it comes to events?

Well, please let us know in the comments below:

What Else Would You Like To Know About ROCKING Your Events?

I’ll personally watch your comments and we’ll write a few more blog posts based on your comments and questions.  

Let us know how else we can support you!  

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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