Uplevel your VIBRATION to attract IDEAL CLIENTS

Uplevel your VIBRATION to attract IDEAL CLIENTS


I can feel your pulse in your arm as you’re reading this.

I can absolutely feel it – and I want it to pulse with a special magic, so you start attracting the kind of clients who say, “Yes, I’ll pay you in full right now” instead of, “I can’t afford this right now, maybe some other time.”

Because the way your veins are pulsing make all the difference with the clients you’re attracting.

Let me put it this way: Tony Robbins has people beg to pay him Millions of dollars a year to get his coaching.

He’s pulsating on such a level where the conversation doesn’t even happen where someone says, “You know what? I just can’t afford to pay you $4M”.

That’s already happening for us too.

You’re right – not $4M (yet), but Shannon and I aren’t even having conversations where people tell us, “We can’t afford it”.

The reason is because our veins are pulsing awesome abundant-energy right now.

And I want YOU to start pulsating like that too.

Here’s exactly what Shannon and I do to uplevel our vibration so we attract clients who are AWESOME.

It’s time you did too.

Here we go my friend.



The more you feel into who you’re being called to be – the more you’ll start upleveling your vibrations.

Shannon I started from absolute scratch my friend.

SCRATCH! But the moment we said YES, we were committed to stepping into our calling – not our circumstances.

We kept on feeling into our calling – and we upleveled our game.

It’s something that needs to be so clear to you – that it pulsates from the inner core of who you are.

Not all at once – just be present with it, feel into it – and make it a focus.

Focus on who you’re being called to be – not your circumstances.

It’s time to do this for real, so answer:


What Burning Desire Do You Have Inside You?  
Who Are You Being Called To Be?


Let us know by leaving a comment. Not for us – but for you.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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8 thoughts on “Uplevel your VIBRATION to attract IDEAL CLIENTS”

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    Working with women to Break free of compromise and going along to a brand new day fulfilling their deepest desires where every day is a new day full to the brim of energy and love.

  2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I’m called to be the author of the world-changing Songs of Reunion trilogy and founder of a powerful movement to relight the Sacred Flame and reunite the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine… A movement that recognises Mary Magdalene as Daughter of Goddess, alongside Jesus as Son of God, and teaches us that the Flame burns within all of us… we are all sons and daughters of God/dess. A movement that heals the centuries-old division between Christianity and nature-based spirituality, builds community, encourages people to walk the Sacred Land as pilgrims, and teaches the healing power of song.

  3. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    I am called to Love.
    I am called to Love God and all people.
    I am called to end suffering in a multitude of lives through Love.
    I am called to set captives free from the tyranny of fear through Love.
    I am called to deliver people from self-imposed imprisonment. Their cell door is standing wide open but they perceive it is bolted shut.
    I am called to reconcile people to each other and to Source.
    I am called to guide people to emotional healing to end conflict for a multitude of families.
    I am called to guide people to Spiritual growth to end anxiety and depression and restore a deep sense of peace, freedom, and joy.
    I am called to Love!

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