Meet 3 Messengers Who Became

Meet 3 Messengers Who Became (6 Figure) Rock Stars

After the response we got last week from sharing with you just 3 of our new Big Impact Rock Stars – we decided to share with you 3 more!

Together, we’re making a real ripple effect.

Because we’re not only turning messengers into Rock Stars – but these Change Agent Rock Stars are saving people’s lives… their health, their relationships and oh yes, their sex life too!

So please listen to the 3 stories below.

Like you, they had a burning message – and were facing a ton of obstacles trying to share it.

Financial blocks, inner game blocks and all obstacles standing in front of their dreams.

Read their stories, how they used the System we teach at Big Impact Live to turn their life, message and mission around, fast.



Meet Linell, who used our System to quit his J.O.B and earn $84,000.

Before Big Impact Live I was so frustrated. I had spent over $200K in coaching and I still didn’t have a system.

I was doubting whether or not I was going to ever be able to leave medicine. I was waking up with anxiety every morning.

I had a lot of inner work training with Tony Robbins and Christian Michaelson, but Mark & Shannon allowed me to accomplish the inner work with financial results.

Which made it a whole lot easier!

I was able to quit my J.O.B to focus full-time on my mission.

The hidden blessing is that I was able to take off as much time as I needed to help my mom who had recently taken ill.

I’ve made $84,000!”

– Linell King,



Elisa was handling a lot of stress, debt and all that money sh**t.

She said how Big Impact changed her life – and in under a month made $19,000 sharing her message:

“Before Big Impact Live I was broke, extremely stressed about money, feeling like a loser because I couldn’t figure out how to make enough money with my skills.

I spent the last 20 years doing inner game work to learn all about my life’s work.

I’d finally gotten ready, and still, I didn’t know how to turn on the ‘engine’.

Until Big Impact. Mark and Shannon, thank you for creating an outer game for conscious business owners that talks to my inner game.


Big Impact has changed my life.

I finally have a way to make money consistently and quickly so that I can do my volunteer work as well as practice.

I am so grateful.

Thank you Mark and Shannon!

In just 3 weeks I’ve already made $19,000!”

– Elisa Mehl,



Dr. Robert & Dr. Patti are amazing ‘Sexperts’ – but their business was in chaos, overwhelm and barely profitable.

See how they used our System to generate $200,000, travel the world and have hired an amazing staff to support their message:

Before Big Impact Live our business was in chaos, overwhelm, and doing all the minutia by ourselves with little profitability.

Thanks to you, we now ask for help, and we’ve learned to surrender and create a work/life balance.

We know when to say no instead of yes and to say yes instead of waffling.

We’re feeling the vision and power to GO BIG!

Now we travel more to lead our international events, we’ve hired an amazing staff, feel more empowered, are better speakers, are doing business by the numbers and having fun!

We’ve made $200,000!

– Dr. Robert & Dr. Patti,

Let us know below… “How Have These HOT Rock Star Stories Inspired YOU To Start Making YOUR Big Impact In The World?”  

We’d LOVE to hear how these stories inspired YOU to start making YOUR Big Impact in the world.

Leave a comment below, we love you 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark  & Shannon

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