What’s your Pre- STAGE RITUAL?

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Mark here with something hot to share with you from the SPEAKING trenches.

Shannon and I were at a big event recently, about to go on stage.

There we were, behind stage… totally FOCUSED on doing our thing, preparing in the best way possible by getting into “STATE” when a less experienced Speaker wandered through and offered us unsolicited advice to “just breathe.”

Shannon and I looked at each other and moved ourselves to a corner to continue prepping.

What that woman didn’t understand was that we weren’t stressed or anxious– we were in our element and we know the importance of getting into STATE before we get on stage. This is our pre-stage ritual.

We leave nothing to chance and have a specific way of doing things that guarantees our success because we’ve mastered our INNER GAME.

But even I was blown away by what happened next.

As we hit the stage, Shannon came out in her stunning dress, blue eyes sparkling.

And she just stood there holding the audience with her joy and her smile.

The crowd went wild.

Talk about a Big Impact! EVERYONE wanted to know who “that woman” was.

I was so damned proud of her and what we’ve accomplished together.

Needless to say, we rocked that event off the charts.

This is what’s possible when you’ve managed your inner state to the point where you can radiate your true essence… when you can make a real CONNECTION with your audience by allowing yourself to be playful, sexy and authentic.

So tell me now:

How Can YOU Enhance YOUR Pre-Stage Ritual?


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