The only reason you’re not making the MONEY what you want (yet)

The only reason youre not making the MONEY what you want

Mark here with a sword of “money truth” for you today.

There were YEARS when I was NOT generating the revenue I wanted.

And I couldn’t figure it out.

Here I was with this big message and big dreams to make a Big Impact to my Tribe – so why was I still struggling to pay my bills?


It didn’t make sense.

Until I discovered something when Shannon and I first cracked 6 Figures…in just a few short months.

Before I met (my lovely amazing delicious sexy wonderful magical) Shannon, I was never clear on my VALUE.

I was helping all kinds of people – but had never drilled down into my true niche and Tribe.

As soon as Shannon and I got started – our Tribe became clear to us.

And our message even clearer.

The moment we became crystal clear on WHO we’re here to serve – I instantly felt my ultimate value.

I was almost overcome with this deep sense of OWNERSHIP of my message.

That Shannon and I were put here on earth for YOU.

The moment we became clear on our Tribe was the moment I raised my prices by 10 times.

Why? Because I was clear on the massive value I brought to the table.

I owned it – and we made $400,000 in our 1st 10 months of business.

I want you to know something:

The moment you become crystal clear on WHO you’re here to serve – and OWN your message to that Tribe – is the moment money becomes a non-issue.

You simply OWN your message and what it’s worth.

It becomes easy and almost effortless to say, “Yes, my hot, juicy program is only $5,000”.

I want you to make the money you desire and deserve.

Let me know in the comments:

How will you OWN your VALUE more this week?

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