3 Ways To Start A Movement

3 Ways To Start A Movement That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Your message and movement is not a luxury or something far off in the distant future.

The furious desire you have to create a movement, seeing your Tribe’s transformation right in front of your eyes is literally in front of your eyes.

In today’s Big Impact Newsletter, you’re about to learn how to rapidly grow your movement.

As long as you use the ‘3 Pebbles of the Ripple Effect’, things are about to move fast for you my friend.

After all, Jen was just as shocked as you are when I first told her things were about to change.

But one by one, her friends referred new clients who referred new clients…It’s this huge Ripple Effect that’s happening in the world for more Conscious Business Owners and Speakers than you ever thought possible.

The story you’re about to read is very real.

Ben & Jen were struggling with serious issues, but when they used the ‘3 Pebbles of the Ripple Effect’ their movement started picking up serious speed.

Now they look at their 5000 Square Foot Resort, their waiting list of high paying clients and the conference invites that keep on piling up and just pinch themselves.


Damn It Was Hard…


But just a few years ago, before they learned the secret of ‘3 Pebbles’, they were practically homeless.

When Ben & Jen first came to Mark & I, they were desperate.

They were living in the Ghetto, barely earning enough to pay for groceries with a baby on the way.

Ben was even forced to sell his prized Motorcycle.

They told us they ‘tried everything’ to monetize their message and help people with their gifts.

But it wasn’t working, they were exhausted and time was running out.

Mark & I looked at each other and immediately knew what they needed:


“The 3 Pebbles!”


After we taught them the secret of the 3 Stones, they went out and used them and things started to change, fast.

Yes they started to attract ideal high paying clients.

Yes they generated over $30K month after month.

But when they saw the ‘Ripple Effect’ take place, they just couldn’t believe it.

Before they knew it, they were really making a BIG Impact in the world and were part of a conscious shift that’s happening on the planet.

Get ready, here are the 3 Pebbles to create a Ripple Effect for your very own movement.

Because you can’t create a ripple effect in water without throwing a Stone inside.

These 3 Stones will create the Ripple Effect for your Ocean of a Movement:


1. Be The Leader


You’ll NEVER create a movement until you BECOME the leader.

If Martin Luther King Jr was ‘wishy washy’ about his vision of white children playing with black children, no one would follow him.

If Marianne Williamson wasn’t totally sure about Love being more powerful than Fear, no one would buy her books.

Leaders are not chosen – they choose themselves.

And they don’t ‘think’ about their cause, their solution, their truth – they embody it.

Their truth vibrates through their veins so strongly others feel it without saying a word.

When Ben & Jen came to us, we felt the potential of their message and movement.

But first, we needed to feel it vibrating through their skin.

When it did, they were ready for the second Stone.


2. Reveal The Promised Land


The meaning of ‘Movement’ is to move towards a desired and better reality than one’s current set of circumstances.

Your message needs to MOVE them towards a specific and improved reality.

Martin Luther King Jr said he had a dream of white children playing with black children.

That is showing his Tribe a “Promised Land”… a new possibility.

Ben & Jen’s Promised Land is ridding the world of sexual shame through sexual healing.

Where you ‘Awaken your body, liberate your mind and empower your spirit through 30 minutes of G-Spot Orgasm’.

That is a very specific Promised Land for a very specific Tribe.

Now that you’re the Leader and you revealed the ultimate end goal, now it’s time for step 3 to ignite your Tribe into a movement:


3. Show The Path


How does your Tribe get to the Promised Land? What’s your program, package or Path to get them there?

When you ignite a Tribe’s deepest desire as a Leader showing them to their Promised Land with a specific Path how to achieve it – there’s nothing that can stop you or your Tribe.

The Tribe will be called and inspired to MOVE to their glorious new future.

In their state of inspiration – with a Leader, A Land and a Path – they’ll tell anyone and everyone they know who belongs in their Tribe about you.

Which is exactly what happened with Ben & Jen.

Their Tribe got so excited – they told one another about it.

And then they told someone else, who brought in more and more people…. reaching people all over the world.


They created a Ripple Effect


Through the secret of the 3 Pebbles… more and more lives are transformed.

Before you know it, YOU are making a BIG impact in the world and part of conscious shift that’s happening on the planet.

Now that you’re armed with these 3 Stones – it’s time to learn HOW.

How do you Embody your Truth and Message as a Leader?

How do you define your Promised Land?

How do you specify a Path to the Promised Land?

Do you know what? Ben & Jen were asking the same exact thing.

And after they went to Big Impact Live – they had all the answers they needed…

Soon enough, they were generating $40,000+ months, were speaking on stages all over and eventually manifested their Dream Retreat Center.

They quite literally gave their Tribe a Promised Land.

Come to Big Impact Live To Ignite Your Movement, Today >>

Comment below what your biggest ‘aha’ moment was that you’ll taken action with this week.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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