A Simple Way To Inspire Others To Spread Your Message

A Simple Way To Inspire Others To Spread Your Message Spread Your Message

If you CRAVE to spread your message in a bigger way – we have a simple and ‘oh so powerful principle to help you do just that 🙂

So here it is:

Ask for it.

Ask for your tribe in your speaking engagements, events, networking, meetups, webinars or even with email.

It would go something like this:

“If you’ve benefited from the emails I’ve been sending you – there’s nothing greater for me to hear.

In fact, my entire purpose for sending emails to you is to add massive value, help you in your life and brighten your day.

Well, if my emails have helped you like that – can I ask a favor?

Would you help spread my message with friends, family and colleagues of yours?

Meaning, if you know people who would also benefit from the emails I send you – would you send them to this page (opt-in page) for them to be part of this community as well?

I’d be MOST GRATEFUL for your help SPREADING my message 🙂


“Conscious Business Owner”

And we’d like to ask you just that: would you help us spread our message?

If you’ve benefited from the emails we’ve been sending you, if they’ve added value to your life, helped you grow your business, or even just brighten your day – would you help spread our message?

Please forward this blog post with as many Speakers, Healers & Conscious Business Owners as you know who would benefit from our emails too.

Because you know what? That is spreading a message of consciousness and love.

And we’d be most grateful to you my friend.  Thank you!

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Comment below what your big moment of inspiration was from this post 🙂

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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