Our Prayer For Abundance


You know that feeling when you just need to connect to source with prayer or meditate?

So you’re more able to truly SERVE and attract abundance? Shannon here – one of the biggest game changers for Mark and I has been…PRAYER.

Now I grew up in a strict, Catholic upbringing… going to church every Sunday and a Catholic highschool (yes, with the Catholic school girl uniforms 😉 )

To say I’ve been on a journey with my relationship to God, Source, Spirit is a HUGE understatement.

I had to find my own path, what resonated with me vs what my parents wanted me to believe.

As a result, I rejected prayer for a LONG time.

But Mark helped me open my heart (and my mind) to miracle based thinking.

We made the decision to have our relationship be a Spiritual Partnership and ever since we started dating, we pray twice a day.

We believe THIS is a big reason why God/ Source/ Universe is working magic and miracles in our life and business.

This is one of the sacred prayers we use to connect and serve.

This prayer has helped Mark and I attract 1000’s of clients – in under a year. It’s helped us create a 7 Figure business – in 20 months.

It’s helped us have the most magical love story we never thought was possible…

…until we said this prayer. Whisper this with me:


“Help me cultivate the belief that you, the infinite universe, are conspiring on my behalf to manifest my greater calling. Help me feel into my fears, because they’re here to help me fulfill my big impact in this world. And so it is.”


It’s true – it works. And sometimes, all your dreams come true.

Here’s my deep question for you now:

What is the FEAR that you need to feel into to help you fulfill YOUR Big Impact in the world?

Please share your comment below.

It will INSPIRE the entire Tribe to show up in a bigger way and help everyone make a bigger difference.

We love you!  And believe in you too 😉

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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