3 Ways We Turn Our Stress Into Pure Ecstasy

3 Ways We Turn Our Stress Into Pure Ecstasy 1024x683 min

“Seriously?! WTF! Can you BeLIEVE what they just did?!”

Shannon here and I have a confession… we get stressed. From helping 1000’s of clients to creating awesome new content to managing a full team and our own energies – stress happens.

But Mark and I discovered this kick-ass formula we now use anytime we get stressed. And baby – we turn that stress into pure ecstasy.

In today’s post I’ll share with you this formula so you’ll feel more liberated, joyous and sexy too.

You’re out there on stages, coaching groups, doing 1:1’s and ultimately your big impact depends on how well you can manage your divine energy.

So when the Universe sends your brain stress signals – this formula magically shapes that stress into a wonderful high.

READY?! Me too – here you go:


1. Energetic Relaxation


As soon as you feel the stress, overwhelm, anxiety and more – here’s what to do.

Use that energy to be relaxed by doing the following.

Stop whatever you’re doing, close your eyes, take 7 deep breaths and with each breath, feel your body relaxing.

Tell your body to relax from the top of your skull to the bottom of your feet, slowly slowly – let this natural high spread.

You’re now using the energy to focus your own relaxation.


2. Shots of Gratitude


Once relaxed (you’ll feel it in under 90 seconds) now it’s time to locate your current abundance gifts.

Because you already have abundance – the challenge is noticing them.

So turn yourself into a Gratitude Detective.

Aim your gratitude with precision by noticing the specific abundant gifts you have already.

Because the Universe won’t give you more when you don’t appreciate what you already have.

And if it does, you won’t even like it.

So focus in with specific precision to everything you’re deeply grateful for – and let it overwhelm you with ecstatic appreciation, love and divine joy that you’re brought to tears.

It doesn’t need to take a retreat to get here.

Just get laser focused and feel every bit of gratitude and you’ll light up in minutes.


3. Use The ‘If…Then…’ Meditation


While you’re in this higher state – it’s time to take it to the next level.

Stress will tell your mind all kinds of things that make you bonkers.

You’ll never get there, it’s too hard, you don’t want the money or influence anyways, life’s simpler where you’re at….

So it’s important we use the stress as an opportunity to feel the opposite.

While you’re relaxed and in the high of gratitude – use the ‘If…Then’ Meditation.


A. Go back to 10 years ago

B. See how FAR you’ve come

C. FEEL how IF you’ve come this far…

D. Then you’re already on the path of your greatest success

The ‘If…Then’ Meditation gets you into an ecstatic state of seeing the massive progress you’ve made.

You become enthralled with the incredible movement, growth and success to PROVE to your mind that the stress is only lying to you.

Now, you’ve used the pain of stress as an incredible gift to take your message to the next level.

And YES, this entire formula only needs a few minutes, as long as you’re focused on it.

And YES, that awesomeness was a gift from us.

And YES, that’s just the beginning.

Because YES, we have a 3 day live event that gives you TONS more ways to find your sweet spot so you attract a flood of high paying clients, spread your message and take the world stage as a LEADER of a movement, making the BIG IMPACT you were born to make.

You’ve just GOT to come to Big Impact Live, you’ll LOVE IT!

The whole Big Impact Tribe would LOVE to hear how you transcend stress and use it as a way to become more empowered.

So please share your wonderful insights below.

In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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