The Secret to Growing Your Conscious Business, Month after Month

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What would happen if you knew that without a doubt you were filled to the brim with high paying clients who adore you?


We didn’t think it was possible either.

Which is why you’re going to love this.

Especially the part where we discovered this secret from a wild yoga guru – you’d love his beard).

Here’s the back story.

Mark here, and last week Shannon told you the HOT story how Big Impact began.

And how she was able to land her first clients through marketing her essence.

Today, you’re going to get the missing piece to that story.

After all – landing a few clients is fantastic…but what do you do the next month?

And the month after that?


This is absolutely something we discovered the HARD WAY.


We were both able to land some clients this month and some clients another month – but it never felt like smooth.

It felt random with peaks and valleys instead of a holistic entity.

You know what I’m saying, right? Where you’re doing everything right – but it’s in pieces. Almost broken.

And we felt it.

Because every month was ‘friggin hard piecing this all together.

One client, another client – and we had to hustle.

We didn’t want to hustle anymore.

We just wanted to inspire people with our message and with our essence.

We were tired of ‘hustle’…RIGHT?!

So then, we went to a new Yoga guru a friend of ours recommended.

Our friend said to ‘Be careful – this guy is the real deal, beard and all’.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit freaked.


What did she mean ‘real deal’? He was a master of Yoga – end of story. What’s the big deal?

So we arrived at his studio a bit earlier, put down our mats, got our water ready and settled in.

And then…he came in and we both felt his presence immediately.

We felt him so much we almost couldn’t move.

It was like he drugged us with the essence of his soul.

No, it wasn’t the beard…

Maybe another time I’ll tell you more about the actual session and how much I learned from him, in just about every area of life.

For now – it’s what he did at the end that…


Shocked us.


At the very end of the session, he said the following.

“To join our Yoga studio, you must start for 6 months.

That is how this will change you.

There are no short-cuts.

Please join, we’d love for you to be with us and be part of our family.

We’re all changing our lives – and slowly, changing the world. You can sign up right now”

Can you guess what we chose? Did we haggle on price? Did we ask for a shorter term?

Nope. We signed up for 6 whole months.

That’s how to do it my friend.

Don’t offer quick bits for an hour here, an hour there or a short-term package.

It will keep you ‘hustling’ – and hustling sucks.

Remember, he absolutely ‘marketed’ with his essence – but of course it was deeper than that.

His marketing was his essence – and no one questioned it.

He gave us the sense of his transformation and made a powerful offer. 6 months.

So what do you say, will you start making offers for 6 months at a time?

Are you feeling a need for some guidance and support with it?


If you do, then I’d like to offer you the best support in the world:


A Complimentary Speaker Breakthrough Session to help you offer and land 6 month packages like clockwork.

This way, you’ll stop hustling, start living again and feel the bigger impact you’re making in this world.

Just email to secure your spot.

We do not have a lot of openings – so if you want one, send your email right now.

Hold on a sec….do you see what’s missing?

It’s one thing to make an offer for 6 months at a time – but how do you charge that much?

How do you offer something for the price you want and deserve?

That’s exactly what I’m going to reveal to you next week – and your ass will be on fire from it.


In the meantime, please comment below:


How do you feel about making a 6 month offering to your Tribe?

Write your comment now – the whole Tribe would gain so much from hearing your essence and voice.


In your corner and by your side,

Mark & Shannon

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