SPEAKING saved me

When the earth caved in…SPEAKING saved me! (vulnerable)

Shannon here.

And today I’m putting down my walls and getting a little vulnerable and transparent about my journey.

For those of you who have watched our meteoric rise within the industry, it might seem like Mark and I have been blessed with the golden touch.

Yes, it’s true, life is amazing now.

In less than 4 years we pulled off what many consider a miracle, building a lucrative 7 Figure business without a website or even a business card.

But it wasn’t always like that… What you might not know is that in my former life, I watched my thriving spa business disappear in a heartbeat.

Overnight, I went from living in my 4-bedroom dream home in the suburbs to camping out in a 400 square-foot converted garage — in a pretty rough part of town.

I was in a shitty relationship…. the guy I was dating at the time wouldn’t even help me move!

I filed bankruptcy, lost my beautiful home, and broke up with a boyfriend all in the same month… so I know what FAILURE feels like.

I lost everything.

It was devastating.

Fast forward…I’m now with my dream partner — my husband, Mark.

And we’re rocking our dream business, living our calling and making a difference in the lives of our favorite people — Conscious Business Owners (like you), all over the world.

How did we pull it off?

It all happened through SPEAKING.

That’s the fastest path to the cash — as long as you have a SYSTEM.

One you can rely on to bring in 1000’s of dollars each and every month — from small gigs in your own backyard.

In as little as 10 minutes of stage time! If that TURNS YOU ON, tell me:

What are YOUR goals & desires with SPEAKING? What kind of IMPACT do YOU want to have?

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3 thoughts on “When the earth caved in…SPEAKING saved me! (vulnerable)”

  1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

    People are more familiar with physical and sexual abuse because it has had a lot of media attention in the past couple of years but no one is talking about emotional abuse which I think is even more insidious. It is hidden and has women, and some men, at all levels of society in its grip.

    I have written a book about emotional abuse, I Dare You! Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse. My goal is to wake up women to recognize the symptoms, acknowledge its devastating effects, make the difficult choice to move on and reinvent themselves to become who they were truly meant to be.

    I believe that the best way to get the message across is to be on the speaking circuit in order to have an impact on large groups of people at a time, to gain momentum and create a worldwide movement of women determined to put an end to this insidious disease.

    1. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Thank you Carol-Ann, your work is so important and needed in the world! Yes we need to get the message out about all aspects of emotional abuse. Congrats on your book. We’d love to help you rock your speaking events and book tour. Join one of our free webinars coming up and email support@bigimpactlive.com with how we can connect further.

    2. Avatar for Big ImpactHQ

      Awesome Carol-Ann, we’re excited to see you make a big impact with this message, so needed in the world, now more than ever

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