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Our HOT kiss under a waterfall

Shannon here and I just HA’AVE to tell you the exciting news:

Mark’s taking me to Thailand and Bali!  

When we first started out – we struggled to pay rent.

When we first started out, we struggled to afford anything fun on a weekend (soul crushing, I know).

And that was ONLY because we weren’t speaking enough.

Then we used our SYSTEM, spoke to small groups – and BAM!

We’re now living our wildest (and HOTTEST!) dreams.

Ever since I was a girl I wanted to be kissed under a waterfall by my King – and now look at that HOT pic!

It’s all possible with Speaking my friend.

I just wanted to update you on the exciting news that Mark’s taking me to Thailand & Bali this month – we’re going to ride elephants, go to the Tiger Sanctuary and explore Spiritual Temples… if my dreams can come true – SO CAN YOURS!

…you just need to start speaking to small groups.

We’ll put up some juicy pics on our Facebook page (so make sure to ‘like’ us on FB and we’ll give you extra ‘speaker goodies’ too!) from the trip.

In the meantime – let me know in the comments now:


“What Is Your Big DREAM That YOU Want To Manifest In 2016?”



We believe in you,


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