Be wildly

Be wildly…YOURSELF

Mark here with something… ROCKIN.

Forget your strategies.

Ignore what you learned about “marketing”.

Get rid of any piece of information you have about “Speaking” and commit to this mantra:


This is a HUGE reason Shannon and I feel we’ve been able to do what we’ve done in just 2 years.

To go from 0-$400,000 in 10 months and within 2 years to have a 7-Figure business – has everything to do with us NOT being anyone else…but our wild selves.

It’s crucial you START with this.

If you need, inject it into your veins.

Because your Tribe wants YOU – no one else. No one’s message or personality to special gifts – they only want YOU.

And every part of YOU.

Your humor, your quirks, your energy, your spirit, yourSELF.

Give YOURSELF more to the world, raw and wild as you are – and watch your Big Impact UNLEASH itself faster than you ever thought possible.

Inspire the Tribe in the comments:

How Can You SHARE More Of Your SELF With your Clients?

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    Yay Garold, you ARE unbelievable and here to inspire! How are you taking action on that? Do you feel you’re making a big impact? Where are you challenged? Email and we’re happy to give you some guidance.

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