A Surprising Way To Discover Your Life’s Purpose

A Surprising Way To Discover Your Lifes Purpose min

We definitely struggled through the years to feel like we really “knew” our life’s purpose.

And our clients have told us countless times how seriously they take “fulfilling their purpose.”

We get it.

When you know you’re soul’s purpose, you have an obligation to live it and fulfill it.

Shannon and I created a tool that’s REALLY HELPED US feel a deep sense of purpose with our work in the world.

In fact, this tool has made all the difference, feeling every day that we’re truly expressing the purpose of our soul.


So for today’s Big Impact blog, we’d like to give you this tool:   Ask your soul…

  • “What are my 2 best gifts God/ Universe has given me”
  • “How can I use these gifts to help improve the lives of others?”
  • “How can my work in the world be sharing my best gifts that help others?”

Using this tool is what propelled Shannon and I to create this Big Impact.

For me, my 2 best gifts are inspiring people and strategic branding and marketing.

Shannon’s is being a hot Diva (ok, I added that 🙂 who inspires people with 6 Figure+ business plans and producing world-class events that rock the house.

So we created this business to achieve all that:   We help Speakers and Conscious Business Owners get more speaking gigs and attract a flood of high paying clients through speaking.

So if you’d like to take this even deeper – so you TRULY FEEL that everyday your work is expressing your soul’s purpose – we have a special invitation for you:   Discover how to monetize the message of your soul and unleash your life’s purpose…

By joining us at Big Impact Live <<<   You’ll learn how to monetize your soul’s message, reach more people and create a 6 Figure+ business through SPEAKING… and lot’s more 🙂

All the details are here <<<

In your corner and by your side, Mark & Shannon

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