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Our public speaking coach can help you go from simply speaking to guiding your listeners through a motivational and educational presentation.

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What are some of the key factors that keep listeners engaged during a presentation.

Relevant Content

Public speaking coaching can help you create a presentation that satisfies all these key components of a persuasive speech!

How do you provide relevant content to your audience? The people in your audience are there for a reason. They are already inherently interested in the topic you will present, but how do you ensure the content is relevant to their concerns?

Our presentation coaching can help you isolate the key components that your audience is interested in by analyzing the needs of your target audience. Our public speaking coach will help you deliver your presentation with the most relevant content by identifying why the audience should care about your presentation.

Public speaking coaching should be focused on revealing to your audience why they should care about what you have to say. Our public speaking coaching services can help you relate to your audience by telling a personal story or struggle. During our presentation coaching sessions, you will learn how to relate you and your content to your audience. You should be answering the audience’s questions without them speaking aloud. They should be nodding their heads in agreeance with you during your presentation.

Everyone loves to be entertained and attending a presentation should be no different. There are many different ways to entertain your audience. Our public speaking coach can help you deliver an engaging and entertaining presentation. We will teach you how to tell a joke or an entertaining and relatable story, so your audience will feel at ease with you during your presentation.

Speech Writing & Presentation Coaching
During a presentation, you should leave your audience with a sense of purpose and a call to action.
Whether your presentation is a sales pitch or a motivational speech, your audience should leave the room feeling like they need to do something. It could be something as simple as agreeing to follow through with your proposal. Your speech could be motivating them to enhance their spiritual self to become a conscious leader. Our presentation coaching services can help you command a room and encourage your audience to make a move.

What are some techniques our public speaking coach can teach you?

What are the steps to creating a persuasive presentation?

You now have a better idea of what techniques should be used in a persuasive speech, but what steps should you take to get there?

From our professional public speaking coaching services, you can expect to unlock your potential with a step by step guide on how to create the perfect persuasive presentation. We will help you understand your audience, pinpoint their concerns, and make them care about what you have to say. We recommend a public speaking coach to anyone who is interested in becoming a better speaker and leader within their business.

With over 400 public presentations created for their clients, Mark & Shannon of Big Impact, Inc have the experience to help you Lead, Speak & Inspire with a persuasive speech that inspires your workforce and gets buy in on critical initiatives.

Not only will this result in amazing content that you want to share… you’ll be supported in presenting this content in a context that leaves your team talking for years about the experience. A great way to kick off marketing campaigns, product launches, and culture change initiatives. Always a client favorite…

Investment: Starts at $10,000

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